Berlin Street Art collections

Come with us and explore the amazing Berlin Street Art Scene.

Berlin has always been a destination for artists and freaks, probably we Berliners are slightly more relaxed when graffiti-writers, sprayers and the like reclaim parts of the city by spray-painting or pasting their artistic visions on facades and other infrastructure. In fact we are so relaxed about this, that even the official tourism board uses street art to advertise for the city.

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For us, Streetart in all forms is an integral part of the fabric of our beloved hometown. It’s a unique type of conversation that individuals start with the public. And once you start looking for it, you find new chapters of this endless story in the most unexpected places. A good example are the little cork-men that sit on streetsigns that are overlooked by most but have an avid fanbase all around the world.

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Best of Berlin Street Art summer 2019

Otto Schade in Haus Schwarzenberg, two skulls shaping a butterfly.

Murals, graffiti, 3D Have fun with our collection of new Berlin street art, from Tegel to Neukölln. All Infos about the artwork in the captions, or on our regular Street Art bike tour, which we also offer in German. As always we weren’t able to identify all artists shown here, so of course you’re very weiter…

(not so) New Berlin Street Art

Berlin Street Art: Man with blue skin vomiting the name cranio.

Urban Nation and beyond We run Berlin Street Art bike tours every Friday at 3 pm in English. Deutsche Streetart Touren gibt es jeweils Freitag und Sonntag. We realized there’s still a ton of unpublished street art photos rotting away on our hard-drive, because something’s missing to complete a certain collection. Problem is, it will weiter…

Street artist: El Bocho

El Bocho's Little Lucy offering flowers to Kitty.

Portrait of a Berlin street artist: El Bocho El Bocho (spanish for (little donkey“) is not only one of Berlin’s most famous street artists but also one of the most recognizable.  Born in 1978, he’s been active in Berlin since 1997 and has a number of international exhibitions to his name. Being a designer and typographer during weiter…

BMF @Reemtsma – Berlin street art

Berlin-based Graffiti Artist Monsta 179 is part of the OBS Crew (one big struggle)

Berlin Mural Fest in Wilmersdorf It’s already been quite some time since the guys from Berlin Mural Fest sent half the city in a streetart-frenzy creating over a dozen new large-scale walls all over the city – including some new favorites. There was one location a bit off the usual places for high-profile urban art: Wilmersdorf. weiter…

Berlin Mural Fest Bike Tours


[Deutscher Text unten] Street Art writ large – exclusive bike tours  On May 19th and 20th  Berlin houses a giant mural party, the Berlin Mural Fest. More than a dozen local and international artists will have designed fresh murals all over town in the days before and unveil their work to the public. The people behind this weiter…

Street Art appetizers, Berlin March 2018

Cyberpunk piece by Czarnobyl in a backyard on Reichenberger Strasse.

New art from the streets of Berlin It’s quite amazing to watch how ubiquitous streetart has become in Berlin. Nowadays you find commissioned murals all over town in places you wouldn’t expect anything more than highly utilitarian commercial boxes, or on walls that neither have a smooth background nor many pedestrians to actually see it. weiter…



Temporary Street Art Gallery in Berlin After last’s year incredible success of „The Haus“ were people were waiting for 5 hours and more to get in, for the past two weeks, Berlin’s streetart scene took over an old car workshop in the centre of Wilmersdorf, scheduled for demolition. Wandelism is a short term project that weiter…

Teufelsberg radar station


From top-secret NSA field station to street art mekka [TL;DR] In the middle of Grunewald forest is a former US Army intelligence facility that has been turned into a big adventure playground for artists. If you have any love for the beauty of decay and for art, this is your place and you should definitely weiter…

Mixed Berlin street art – best of October

PAsteup by french duo Kam Laurene in Berlin

New in 2018: English Street Art tours We are super happy to announce, that we will be able offer open Berlin Street Art tours in English. Every Friday afternoon we take to the streets of Berlin and explore the exciting art that Berliners and guests leave on walls and bridges. Click to enlarge and get some infos (if weiter…

Berlin Street Art – Mitte collection

Streetart in Berlin, stencil at Haus Schwarzenberg

 Streetart Berlin Gallery September 2017 Even though Urban Art has its own museum now the real deal is still happening on the streets with new artists and projects forever entering and leaving the game. On a recent day off, I checked some of the usual places in Berlin Mitte, specifically Haus Schwarzenberg and Dircksenstraße which weiter…