BMF @Reemtsma – Berlin street art

Berlin Mural Fest in Wilmersdorf

It’s already been quite some time since the guys from Berlin Mural Fest sent half the city in a streetart-frenzy creating over a dozen new large-scale walls all over the city – including some new favorites. There was one location a bit off the usual places for high-profile urban art: Wilmersdorf. When we arrived at the defunct cigarette factory it turned out, we weren’t really supposed to be there, since this would be the location of the after party. Using my best puppy face I convinced them that we as their official tour partner (true) need some photos to promote the tours (not true). So it’s really embarrassing that we are only sharing these photos now, at least we didn’t take photos we weren’t supposed to.

As always you find a list of links to the artist’s profiles at the bottom of the page. If you are able to identify a piece that we haven’t please leave a comment so we can tag and link the artist.

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