Temporary Street Art Gallery in Berlin

After last’s year incredible success of „The Haus“ were people were waiting for 5 hours and more to get in, for the past two weeks, Berlin’s streetart scene took over an old car workshop in the centre of Wilmersdorf, scheduled for demolition. Wandelism is a short term project that originally was supposed to only open for a week, but due to the incredible number of people who went to see the exhibition in the first few days, the owner gave another week worth of reprieve.

Compared to The Haus, Wandelism has a much more welcoming vibe without all the hassle of putting your phone in a bag, and they were clever enough to add a small bar to their concept, so when your feet and head get tired from all the creative stuff you have to digest you can actually take break. There is even an old car out front to sit down in or on.

Wandelism is open until Saturday MArch 31st (if the owner can’t be convinced of another grace period) from 12:00 – 22:00 at Wilhelmsaue 32 in Wilmersdorf. All photos in this blogpopst were taken before the official opening, so a lot of pieces are still a work in progress.




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