Berlin Street Art – Mitte collection

 Streetart Berlin Gallery September 2017

Even though Urban Art has its own museum now the real deal is still happening on the streets with new artists and projects forever entering and leaving the game. On a recent day off, I checked some of the usual places in Berlin Mitte, specifically Haus Schwarzenberg and Dircksenstraße which always offer a huge variety of new stencils and of course we brought some pieces from Mauerparks wall of fame.


Link collection Berlin Street Art fall 2017

Joiny on facebook and instagram

SP38 on the web and instagram

CaZ L on facebook and instagram (as @salamidoggy) 

TONA on the web, facebook and instagram

Zinkete on the web, facebook and instagram

Planet Selfie on the web, facebook and instagram


Of course we would love to go explore the buzzing Berlin Street Art scene with you on of our Street Art bike tours


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