Street Art appetizers, Berlin March 2018

New art from the streets of Berlin

It’s quite amazing to watch how ubiquitous streetart has become in Berlin. Nowadays you find commissioned murals all over town in places you wouldn’t expect anything more than highly utilitarian commercial boxes, or on walls that neither have a smooth background nor many pedestrians to actually see it. Naturally on our Streetart Bike Tours  (every Friday at 3 pm) we stick to places where there’s a lot to see and where we can be sure to find new stuff regularly. And all those places have to be in a reasonable distance to our headquarter at Kulturbrauerei, which means a lot of interesting walls can’t be covered. So from time to time, we present you a selection of street art pieces that are truly lying „off-the-beaten-path“. In the case of the following urban art gallery we present mainly classical graffiti and small-scale murals from Tempelhof, Kreuzberg 61 and Schöneberg.

Street Art Gallery March 2018

Die nächsten Streetart Touren auf Deutsch

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