Berlin events November 3rd-5th

Our events for your Berlin weekend

berlinonbike-5225 So far autumn has been kind to us, gifting us with sunshine and beautiful colours. Not that we want to alarm the new arrivals who have yet to face their first Berlin winter, but: this is going to stop pretty soon. but do not despair, there are still a myriad reasons to celebrate and at least you don’t really have to worry about blinding sunshine when you stumble out of the club at 7 in morning.  If you want to know if it’s worth leaving your cozy couch, here are our suggestion for a weekend of artsy debauchery. Let us know if we missed anything essential.

Party in Berlin

  • Party like it’s 2004“ is the motto of Lido’s New-Wave-Britpop-post-punk extravaganza on Friday.
  • There used to be a time, when there was a party at Treptow’s Insel every other weekend. Due to noise regulations these time are over and basically the music can’t be louder than the birds, although there really isn’t anybody around to complain. So if you want to grab the rare opportunity for a party on an island in a small castle, this is your chance: Return of the Inselaffen II
  • Watergate keeps celebrating their 15th birthday. This Saturday Âme is playing live, supported by the resident DJs.
  • Your weekly dose of African House comes from Angola and will be issued at Badehaus Szimpla on Saturday; The Afro House Experience
  • As a Berliner, Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club was one of the few location that were on par with a Berlin party experience. Than about 18 months ago the club burned down and they are still raising money to reopen the whole building. Saturday they take over HAU 2 for an evening of dancing, drinking and a little fundraising.
  • It’s been 9 long years since Anja Schneider released her last full-length album. So for her record-release party on Saturday she invited some crazy support. None other than the Stereo MCs will join Anja at IPSE.
  • I would bet good money that the founders of The Young Gods didn’t think they would still be on stage with that same name 30 years later. But while the musician aged quite a bit, their music always stayed on top of things, which makes a bit hard to predict what their current flavour is. You hear them described as ‚Post-Punk‘ and ‚Electric Jazz Avantgarde‘ sometimes by the same news-source with just a year between these caterogizations. So better check for yourselves.
  • Everyone knows the feeling: it’s Sunday afternoon, youre head and legs can’t stop bobbing about but a proper electro party would be too much. Why not head over to Beate Uwe then for a laid-back evening of downtempo tunes to finish off your weekend?
  • Gonjasufi has made quite the journey and his style is hard to grasp, with influences from Rap over Reggae to ethnic and religious styles, add a healthy dose of conciousness and avantgarde and you might start to get an idea. Better yet, take a trip to Gretchen on Sunday and check him out yourselves. To get an idea, here are some Youtube videos

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Arty in Berlin

  • Rumour has it, that the 3AM dance collective is about to split up. Before that happens though, there at least two more events scheduled at Flutgraben. One of them on Friday: 3 AM Peace, Love and Try Out. entrance is free, but make sure to RSVP via facebook.
  • Jurassica Parka @BKA will be Prosecco-fueled-drag-extravaganza. Prepare for an evening of gender-fluid debauchery where voluntary c-list celebrities bitch about live, sex and other people(in GERMAN).
  • On Sunday the artists in Wedding’s Gerichtsstraße open their studios. A good opportunity to check out this fast-growing scene.
  • Beyond Compare at Bodemuseum pairs art from the african collection of the ethnological museum (that will move into the reconstructed castle) with scupltures from the European collection of Bodemuseum and is aiming to find common ground in things that at first view are inherently different.

Other things to do in Berlin

  • For those of you whose German is good enough, we have this gem of a guided tour on Sunday:  Elektropolis Schöneweide. Schöneweide is a bit like Wedding, forever just about to be up-and-coming but never quite getting there. But it is home to many impressive industrial complexes from around 1900, especially the old AEG works with a famous building by Peter Behrens and the option to climb the tower.
  • Looking for a new winter-ride. Fahrradmarkt at Winterfeldplatz is your place to be then. More than 500 vintage and used bikes are on sale for ok prices.
  • Ok, there is one thing, everyone loves about winter: lazy Sunday afternoons spend by the warm light and smell of candles. This Sunday you can make your own candles in a workshop by travelogue. Not entirely sure, if it’s for women only.


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