Berlin events Nov. 2nd-4th

Tips for your Berlin weekend

xxx-ttt-drama-7503 A lot of Berliners right now are a bit confused, normally we would have started complaining about the cold and the rain of a Berlin fall, but 2018 keeps spoiling us with endless sunshine and a million colours. Taking away the local’s favorite pastime is a cheap price to pay for days like these though, so count your blessings and get on your bike as long as it is possible. For everything else, browse the following suggestions, we’re sure we found something for everyone of you.

Party in Berlin

  • A Guy called Gerald influenced more electronic music genres than most people listen to. These days, he’s touring with a mix of Progressive House/Techno and his unique style of Breakbeats. Friday at about:blank
  • Säälchen, the concert venue at Holzmarkt is hosting a night with UK Indie label Gondwana on Saturday. While the combo tickets for the whole day are sold out, there are still tickets to be had, for each of the two showcases seperately.
  • Island of Arts sounds like a nice party in a great location on the Island of Youths in the Spree river. Light installations, 3D mappings, performance, live painting, a couple of foodtrucks and and a wild mix of music , to make sure everyone finds something that speaks to them. If you’re looking for cutting edge, avantgarde DJs this will probably not the right place, though.
  • DAF are among the most important pioneers for electronic music and are often named alongside Kraftwerk and Can. 
  • Berlin party crowd and label OSTFUNK are celebrating their 15th birthday with a massive party on Saturday.
  • Curse is one of those rappers that is just that tiny little bit too inconvenient, angry and intellectual to have made the cut to super-stardom. That this is definitely not owed to a lack of skill or flow can be experienced at his concert in Gretchen. In my mind there are not many rappers that come even close to his level of technique in German.
  • JazzFest Berlin is celebrating all things jazz this weekend. From atonal avantgarde to easy listening, there’s something for everyone, although it might take a while to browse the whole program.

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Arty in Berlin

  • In their new performance “Do the Right Thing” Ariel Efraim Ashbel and friends examine current political circumstances and the interdependencies of action (“DO”), ethics (“THE RIGHT”) and materiality (“THING”). All three days of the weekend at Hebbel am Ufer (HAU2)
  • Our neighbours at Kulturbrauerei, RambaZamba Theater teamed up with students of the Universität der Künste (UdK~university of arts) to create a stage version of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick to connect it’s version of toxic masculinity to current discourse .
  • On Saturday you have the rare opportunity to see three movies by F.W. Murnau with a full live orchestra at Babylon Mitte; Best of Murnau.

Other stuff to do in Berlin

  • TAZ Flohmarkt; alternative daily newspaper taz are moving to a new building and before they move they clean house. That means you have the unique opportunity to get a quirky souvenir from this leftist bedrock institution with the cool logo and convictions (they’ve been pro-cycling for ages, even back when it was still considered not-cool and only for poor people).


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