Berlin events Jan 19th – 21th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend

After a stormy day with Friderike, Berlin is taking care of the damage, but it seems this time we got off lightly, unless you are one of the poor souls that needed to take a train-ride. Anyway, for all of you, who made it to Berlin, there’s no reason to stay indoor this weekend, unless you want to celebrate International Sweatpants Day all alone.

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Party in Berlin

  • 3000Grad’s Surreal Club Festival 3018 turns Ritter Butzke into a beat-fueled dreamland with sets/performances of Ava Asante, Zazou, Kombinat 100, Dole Kom, Mollono Bass, Peng Peng and manymany more.  Friday
  • Yup, we know, this is like the 11th time we’re trying to send you to Gretchen for a round of Recycle – Berlin’s finest Drum & Bass, but it is hand-down the best D&B party in Berlin and we’re not giving up, until the last of you have visited at least once. Saturday
  • Burg Schnabel invites you to Strange Night of minimal techno featuring Boy next door, David Jach and others
  • Berlin Ska Festival 2018 at Huxley’s is everything you’re looking for, if you’re a fan of ska punk, Bad Manners will be headlining, with support from OXO 36, The Hacklers and Port Royal.
  • So far Kobito has been known for more or less electronic tracks, his new album „lass mich mal machen“ he created pure hiphop and will rock Kreuzbergs Privatclub. It might be one of the last opportunities to enjoy this important location because copy-cat billionaire Alex Samwer and his start-up drones complain about the noise during soundcheck and they might have to close down. + Support/Aftershow Party
  • Let me see, if I got this right; Lehult x Crude Wax is a format in Griessmühle where those two musicians each curate one floor and they’re pitching against each other. The lineup is super-diverse. As far as I can tell, it’ll have everything between hardcore and house, but I might be wrong. Even so, it’ll definetely be great. 
  • Detroit Swindle takes house back to its‘ roots in disco, afro and soul. In total they will play four different nights at Prince Charles starting this Friday. Scroll down for one of their sets on soundcloud. (via zitty)
  • More: Robert Hood at Tresor // The King Khan BBQ Show at Quasimodo // Carrington-Brown at Bar Jeder Vernunft // Celeste at Cassiopeia

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Arty in Berlin

  • Agota Kristof has written 3 novels about her post-war experiences in hungary, and created a touching parabel about identity, belonging and home following the life of two twin brothers, that need to grow up fast and without their mother. Maxim Gorki Theater turned this into a play switching perspectives all the time: Hundesöhne
  • This Friday Babylon Berlin starts a retrospective with the films by Russian director Andrej Tarkowski. Most movies will be shown on multiple days until January 31st, among famous works like Solaris and Stalker. Please check the event site to see which dates are with English subtitles. 
  • This weekend is the last chance to see the winners of the Sony World Photography Awards 2017 at Willy-Brandt-Haus. Entrance is free, but you have to bring an ID card for security reasons.
  • Without jewish and muslim scholars most of the knowledge the Romans and Greeks accumulated would have been lost,to christians so it is only natural Martin Gropius Bau dedicates their latest exhibition to this amazing transfer of knowledge in the so-called dark ages: Jews, Christians and Muslims: Scientific Discourse in the Middle Ages 500-1500

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Other stuff in Berlin

  • Craftbeer- and cycling bar Radler reopens on Friday after extensive renovations.
  • Looking for a bit of silly fun, before the real party starts? The first round of PowerPoint Karaoke is going down at Rosi’s Berlin this Saturday
  • Z-Bar in Mitte houses a night of Adorable Idiots, an open-mic stand-up comedy format, where 7 comedians have 7 minutes each to convince the audience of their funny side. Free entrance, donations welcome.


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