Berlin events May 11th-13th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend

mellowpark-highway-to-hill-2014-0551-2 It looks like the summer takes a short break on Saturday after spoiling us for for two straight weeks. But fear not, it’ll be back on Sunday for a whole lot of cycling related events. For one there is Berlin’s fastest sightseeing tour; the Berlin Velothon. Amateurs and some pros will take over the streets of the city for either a 60, 100 or 160 km race on blocked roads. If you haven’t registered yet, you can still do so on-site until Saturday 2 pm.  At the other end of the velo lovers spectrum we find Highway to Hill a spectacular BMX-festival at Mellowpark, Berlin’s finest address for bike acrobatics and street art, including a world-cup approved BMX dirt track. If you haven’t been there, you absolutely should, it’s one of those magic places we can’t actually believe are part of our home. And then we have Fixed Days 2018 including the Fixed42 world championship, alleycat races and parties for all single-speed enthusiasts.

Party in Berlin

  • We open the weekend with the Deep Media label night at Gretchen, with London Dubstep heavy-hitter Mala who is supported by Russion Djane Shutnizza.
  • Another early dubstep pioneer from London is Ben UFO, who plays Reef at Griessmühle on Saturday, although these days he doesn’t limit himself to just one style, so you can expect anything from 2step, dubstep through Drum&Bass, breakbeats all the way to Electro and House. Also playing Saoirse, Esposito, Courtesy & Darwin.
  • Nina Queer’s eurovision event “Nina Queer beschimpft die Nationen” (~ “…. abuses the nations”) combines two essential things that make watching this event not only bearable but actually entertaining; booze and snarky comments by a certified funny person, in this case by high-profile drag Nina Queer.
  • Enough has been said about the Balkan Beats Parties at Lido. #11 takes place on Saturday and if you’re looking for a place to dance without shame and a generally higher level of wodka-fueled-sillyness, this is your venue.
  • Over the last year Jennifer Rostock not only published their 5th studio album but prooved themselves as outspoken agenda-setters regarding a wide-ranging selection of topics like populism, feminism and refugees all packed in an energetic Alternative Rock and well-placed interviews. They are playing all three days of the weekend at Columbiahalle.

Arty in Berlin

  • 4 Tage im Juli (4 days in July) explores the narrative of Hamburg as a war zone created by stone-throwing chaots and tries to establish a different point of view by taking a closer look at the state of things regarding democracy and participation in an age where 18 old white men and 2 old white ladies try to save their world and money.
  • Floating Utopias is an exhibition that takes a closer look at airships, their artistic and scientific use, the ideas and visions they enabled. The description subsumes all this as “pneumatic media”.
  • Hello World. Revising a Collection“ is a critical inquiry into the collection of the Nationalgalerie and its predominantly Western focus supplemented with works from other collections to dive deeply into the process of how such a collection is shaped by politics and zeitgeist.

Other things to do in Berlin

  • If you want to see off, Hertha’s Bundesliga team after a rather unremarkable season, they’re playing the taurin-sponsored upstarts from Leipzig in their last home-game of the year.
  • As of now we have no clear idea what to expect from this workshop: Working with slime mold – art, design and bio-computation, but it sounds sooo strange and sci-fy that we really hope someone is going to tell us about it.
  • Gratis Comic Day means you can go to a bookshop/comic shop and get exclusive freebies for your collection. But please don’t go to the big chain stoors and instead support your local dealer, like Modern Graphics or Grober Unfug, who have been doing spectacular work for the Berlin comic scene, they both have shops in Mitte and Kreuzberg alike.


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