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Thanks to our dear colleagues7partners at Visit Berlin we were guiding international journalists and bloggers around Berlin all summer.  Most of them took our Berlin Wall Bike Tour in preparation of the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. A lot of these articles will probably be published later this year, when we’re nearing November 9th, the actual date, when the border was finally opened and a summer of peaceful (more or less) revolution culminated in a great moment of happyness.

Some of these writers though have already written about us or their experiences in Berlin. We are incredibly proud about this Feedback, since it is a fantastic confirmation of the good work our guides, service- and office-staff and our mechanics are doing.

Thank you all for an incredible summer so far! Let the fall be even better.

  • Thai anywhere magazine went as far as headling their whole article with our company name. We don’t actually speak Thai, but it seems they liked it here 🙂 anywhere magazine: Berlin On Bike (PDF)
  • Ben Groundwater did a tour with Sebastian (among other things) in may. Even though, not a lot of people would consider Prenzlauer Berg a suburb, it’s a very nivce peace about Berlin and Berlin on Bike.
  • Valentina from Italy took part in Blogger Challenge and we had the pleasure of guiding her the day and providing a bit of background knowledge.
  • Omar thinks we offer the „most historic bike tour of your life“. I think we can live with that., although we strive to be highly entertaining as well. Looking at the pictures in his blog it seems like that wirked as well. He even did a video, featuring us for a minute or so.
  • Adam is a berlin-based-expat-travel-writer and overall nice guy, who went on the challenge as well. his blogpost even has a picture of our guide photobombing one of the nicest views in Berlin.
  • Another Challenger was Kami from Poland, read her thoughts on the Berlin Wall and The Bike tour here
  • Ava is a Beauty-Blogger of all things and she thinks „The best way to see Berlin is by bike with Berlin on Bike! “ Even though that’s about all she had to say about Berlin 😉
  • Quaderns de bitàcola included us in their list of 5 must-do things in Berlin – Thank you.
  • Florian is a freelance writer for dpa and did a piece about his XXL-Berlin-Wall-Bike-Tour  (in German for a change)
  • Katrin thinks a bike tour is one of three things you have to do in Berlin – we agree.


The Spaniards of Un Mundo de Experiencias did a beautiful video about their biketour:

DPA, Germany’s biggest press agency did a video about our „Eye-Witness-Tour“ for the official youtube-Channel of Germany and for the foreign ministry:


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