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04/06 1989 Tianmen and Poland/Polen

Mahnmal in Breslau für die Opfer des Tiananmen-Massakers. Zerbrochenes Fahrrad und Panzerspuren.

Text auf deutsch   One day – two signals #otd June 4th 1989 a few things happened that might not had a direct impact on the peaceful revolution in Germany but were an important part of the overall development.   1. In Beijng military and militarized police break up the largest protests in modern-day China weiter…

13/06 Michail Gorbatschow in West-Germany/Staatsbesuch der BRD

Text auf deutsch Gorbimania in the West Gorbatschow was a darling of western politicians from as early as 1986 when he first detailed his plans to „reconstruct“ the Soviet Union under the twin labels of Perestroika (~change, redesign) and Glasnost (~openness, transparency) and a lot of freedom-minded citizens in the East took this as a weiter…

31/05 George H.W. Bush in Germany

deutsch Let Berlin be next „But the passion for freedom cannot be denied forever. The world has waited long enough. The time is right. Let Europe be whole and free.“   After a NATO summit two days earlier during which the alliance agreed on a new „comprehensive defense control strategy“ US president George Bush visits weiter…

07/05 Voter fraud/Wahlfäschung wird bekannt

30 Years Later, chronicles of the Fall of the Berlin Wall: May 7th: the opposition proves large-scale voter fraud by the ruling Socialist Unity Party during the communal elections of 1989

02/05 The iron curtain becomes porous

deutsch   Hungary opens its border to Austria The iron curtain ran the whole length of Europe north to south, seperating the members of the Warszaw Pact from those of the NATO in the west. Beginning in March ’89, Hungary’s government hinted at the possibility they would open their borders. On May 2nd the work weiter…

(not so) New Berlin Street Art

Berlin Street Art: Man with blue skin vomiting the name cranio.

Urban Nation and beyond We run Berlin Street Art bike tours every Friday at 3 pm in English. Deutsche Streetart Touren gibt es jeweils Freitag und Sonntag. We realized there’s still a ton of unpublished street art photos rotting away on our hard-drive, because something’s missing to complete a certain collection. Problem is, it will weiter…

Mein 9. November – My personal Nov. 9th

Deutsch The Day the Berlin Wall fell I always thought, that saying the Wall „fell“ sounds a bit like it crumbled and just died of all age, while in truth thousands and thousands risked their careers, their freedom and ultimately their life pushing against it. On Novemer 9th this pushing became quite literally what opened weiter…

26/04/89: Honecker about Hungary/über Ungarn

Text auf deutsch Honecker loosing his grip on reality Just days before the border between Austria and Hungary is opened, Erich Honecker, chairman of the Zentralkomitee (Central Committee) of the Socialist Unity Party (SED) is worried about the situation with his neighbours. Using a language that’s equally stinted and oldschool he rambles on and on weiter…

05/04/89 30 Years Later: Runder Tisch/Round Table in Polen

Text auf deutsch A new form of political dialogue At the end of the 1980s a rather new approach was making its first appearances on the stage of international high-stakes policy-making: the Round Table.  The basic idea today seems so simple, yet nobody really understood the terminology: get all stake holders together and sit them weiter…

03/04/89 30 Years Later: No more shooting/Aufhebung des Schießbefehls

Text auf deutsch The order that never was The legal processing of the order to shoot at the Berlin Wall has been a breaking test for the unified society that was just about to emerge. A lot has been left unsaid and buried deep in some archive. Bit by bit proof and details regarding the order weiter…