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05/04/89 30 Years Later: Runder Tisch/Round Table in Polen

Text auf deutsch A new form of political dialogue At the end of the 1980s a rather new approach was making its first appearances on the stage of international high-stakes policy-making: the Round Table.  The basic idea today seems so simple, yet nobody really understood the terminology: get all stake holders together and sit them weiter…

03/04/89 30 Years Later: No more shooting/Aufhebung des Schießbefehls

Text auf deutsch The order that never was The legal processing of the order to shoot at the Berlin Wall has been a breaking test for the unified society that was just about to emerge. A lot has been left unsaid and buried deep in some archive. Bit by bit proof and details regarding the order weiter…

21/03/89 The soviet army shrinks/Truppenreduzierung der Sowjets

A step towards independence A key factor leading to the revolution in 1989 is Michail Gorbatschow’s doctrine, that the „brother states“ of the Warzsaw Pact will be responsible for their own destiny, meaning a) the Soviet Union won’t stand in the way of national reforms, but it b) won’t help against people „with contra-revolutionary“agendas (read: weiter…

Munich sightseeing

Tour guide with his group of cyclists in front of LMU in Munich-

Bike tour in the Germany’s biggest village As a member of the CycleCities network we’re always looking forward to our annual meeting in February. The main thing of course is the exchange with fellow tour operators and making new friends, but of course it’s a great excuse to play the tourist in a different place weiter…

08/03/89 Winfried Freudenberg the last victim/das letzte Opfer

Deutsch Flight and Crash with a DIY balloon The story of Winfried Freudenberg’s life, flight and death is a tragic example of East-German ingenuity. Born in 1956 he later studies electrical engineering in Illmenau where he meets his future wife Sabine, a chemist. Even though thouroughly rooted in their community they had difficulties accepting, that weiter…

05/02/89 Chris Gueffroy: der letzte Erschossene/the last one shot

©Stefan Richter: Weisses Kreuz zur Erinnerung an Chris Geoffroy in der Nähe des Berliner Reichstages

Deutsch Chris Gueffroy: The last victim of the „shooting order“ On February 5th 1989 Chris Gueffroy was shot at the Berlin Wall. He was the last victim of the „shooting order“ and the overall penultimate victim that lost his life trying to leave the GDR to find a better life for himself. Chris was a weiter…

18. Januar ’89: „The wall will still be standing in a 50 and 100 years“

Deutsch Honecker’s prophesy Erich Honecker was the most powerful politician in the GDR for nearly 20 years. What many people don’t know, even before he became 1st secretary of the Central Commitee of the ruling Socialist Party – SED – he shaped the history of his country. After spending more than two years in Moscow weiter…

Hurricane Factory – wind tunnel

Two women in a wind tunnel in Berlin, one holding the other

Indoor Skydiving in Schönefeld tl;dr: Flying in a wind tunnel is fun and a really good bad-weather activity if you have some money to spend. Let’s be honest, at Berlin on Bike we’re not only checking out activities for our readers and guests. In fact, quite a few of the things we introduced here over the weiter…

Berlin events Nov. 2nd-4th

Tips for your Berlin weekend A lot of Berliners right now are a bit confused, normally we would have started complaining about the cold and the rain of a Berlin fall, but 2018 keeps spoiling us with endless sunshine and a million colours. Taking away the local’s favorite pastime is a cheap price to pay weiter…

Berlin events Oct 19th – 21st

Tips for your Berlin weekend Party in Berlin From playing violin at the conservatory to founding one of the most influential punk bands to being a symphonic conductor while extending his band’s style with dub and metal; that is the short version of Jaz Coleman’s history and his band Killing Joke. Friday at Huxley’s. Die weiter…