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Here we write about some of the amazing things that are happening in Berlin any given day - if we find the time. The articles you'll find here, don't neccessarily have anything to do with bike tours in Berlin, but they're all definitely about our beloved home town. If you're new here you might enjoy browsing our top-categories featured below or the tag-cloud on the right. 

Most articles are still in German, although we're posting more and more in English, and the photos are worth it regardless. If you're interested in writing for us, send a mail to with your idea. 

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Berlin events Dec 15-17th

Your Berlin Weekend Tips It’s Friday, so of course it’s raining. That means that you might need your mulled wine even more urgently on tomorrow’s Glühwein Ride, although we’re not entirely sure, if hot sugary drinks and bikes go well together anyway. Just make sure to get off your bike once you can’t ride a weiter…

Berlin Tourguide Andrea im Portrait

Von Würzburg hoch hinaus – und nach Berlin Ganz zu Beginn unserer Bloggerei hatten wir schon mal angefangen, ein paar unserer Guides zu porträtieren, die fast alle nicht nur eine tolle Geschichte zu erzählen haben, sondern häufig auch sehr spannende Dinge außer ihrer Tätigkeit als Stadtführer/in und -erklärer/in. Aus irgendeinem Grunde ist das eingeschlafen, vielleicht weiter…

Berlin events Dec 8th – 10th

Grafitti by Berlin artist Tobo "A weekend wasted is never a wasted weekend"

Recommendations for your Berlin weekend We know you all love Glühwein and christmas markets, as do we. But we have to admit after 2 weeks working in an office that is literally in the middle of one, it’s hard to keep up the spirit. As much fun as the scandinavian Lucia market is, the choice weiter…

Berlin events Dec 1st to 3rd

Our tips for your Berlin weekend Did you get whammed! already? It’s getting increasingly difficult to avoid christmassy things these days. For us, it’s simply impossible, because we have a christmas market right in our headquarter and come 3pm christmas feeling is all you can get in Kulturbrauerei. Why not embrace it and try to weiter…

Berlin events November 24th to 26th

Our tipps for your Berlin weekend It’s the last Friday of the month, which means, it’s time to take back the streets, at least for a couple of hours. Critical Mass starts at 20:00 at Heinrichplatz as always. Please support each other by corking and make sure the group stays together. To our American friends: weiter…

Teufelsberg radar station

From top-secret NSA field station to street art mekka [TL;DR] In the middle of Grunewald forest is a former US Army intelligence facility that has been turned into a big adventure playground for artists. If you have any love for the beauty of decay and for art, this is your place and you should definitely weiter…

Berlin events Nov 17th -19th

Our tipps for your Berlin weekend We made it. Season 2017 is offcially over since Monday. Even though it was the wettest summer ever since they started recording stuff like that we look back on a successful 14th year in business and wanted to thank our whole staff, especially our guides who are the face weiter…

Mixed Berlin street art – best of October

PAsteup by french duo Kam Laurene in Berlin

New in 2018: English Street Art tours We are super happy to announce, that we will be able offer open Berlin Street Art tours in English. Every Friday afternoon we take to the streets of Berlin and explore the exciting art that Berliners and guests leave on walls and bridges. Click to enlarge and get some infos (if weiter…

Berlin events Nov. 10th – 12th

Tape Art Convention in der Galerie Neurotitan

Our tipps for your Berlin weekend Our first tipp: stay safe and be nice to each other – even the bouncer.   Party in Berlin Bass Fieber at SupaMolly is one of the few remaining Drum & Bass Parties in Berlin, this Friday they kick off the night with a live set by Planet Ion. weiter…

Berlin events November 3rd-5th

Our events for your Berlin weekend So far autumn has been kind to us, gifting us with sunshine and beautiful colours. Not that we want to alarm the new arrivals who have yet to face their first Berlin winter, but: this is going to stop pretty soon. but do not despair, there are still a weiter…