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43dff6dc96b32060 I grew up at a time when, in Germany at least, the TV programme would just stop. Very early, they would play the national anthem and then just send a test Screen accompanied by the ost nerve wrecking beep until staions picked up with the morning news around 7:00.
The next step up for the average insomniac stumbling out of the club Sunday morning at four was a series called „Germany’s most beautiful train rides“. This was the definition of cheap content creation. Just put a camera in the drivers cabin, let it run for 6 hours and add some music. It was hypnotic and the perfect chillout background show. And, of course all the trainspotters and railway nerds loved it. In fact it became so popular that they sold 1000s of DVDs of the „show“ before the night finally became the domain of reruns and Nazi-docs.

The following video is a tribute to that time and concept. Not entirely by choice, though. In February I filmed at the now bankrupt miniature Berlin „Loxx“. I spent hours setting up perfect slider shots, crawling through the dusty underbelly of the model and interviewing a minor local celebrity. When I finally got around to editing a week later, the storage from my DSLR was burned, so what you see, is the only footage that survived.
It’s not much, but still to nice to just let it rot on the hard-drive. So, sit back, relax and enjoy a quick train ride through Berlin:


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