Berlin events Sept. 28-30th

Your weekend tipps for Berlin

festival-of-lights-berlin-leuchtet-potsdamer-platz-piano-see-0317 The first of two illumination festival starts this weekend, Berlin leuchtet, and we are offering special versions of our (German) nightseeing tours, turning it into Lightseeing – and that is def. enough with the stupid wordplay. We’re pretty sure, this months Critical Mass will ride along many of the illuminations as well.  The other big event exciting the city – or at least the artsy folks among us, is Berlin Art Week running all weekend with 100s of exhibitions, vernissages and performances. If you don’t want to spend the next 6hours trying to find out, what you want to see, we suggest, you just follow one of their tours – maybe with a BoB rental bike.

Also, we would like to remind you of our science-themed bike-tour including a show at the planetarium, next weekend. This weekend the planetarium houses a small festival for art that was specifically created for 360° enviroments, the SAT circuit. SAT is a Montreal based institution that explores the boundaries of Technology and Art. There will be two shows both on Friday(Liquid Architecture, Inertia) and Saturday (Orbits, Inertia).

Party in Berlin

  • Original Outbacker Xavier Rudd is playing Huxley’s on Friday with his United Nations band, to bring you his didgeridoo infused Indie.
  • Before winter gets its icy grip around our throats you can still get a dose of open air fun at Birgit & Biers Summer Closing Bambule on Saturday featuring Umami, Tom Nova and others.
  • You can’t do anything wrong with „Die schöne Party“ – it’s not fancy, not stylish, not avantgarde but everyone’s having fun, even if their temples are more than a little gray or they just stopped needing to be told to brush their teeth.
  • Bordella a Parigi is Renate’s nod to everything Italo-Disco, House and Electro.
  • The 90s are everywhere, and so are Revival parties like Tekknozid, featuring a lot of our oldschool heroes still carrying the banner of dirty Techno, 30 years later. DJs: Tanith, Wolle, Ian Pooley, Jauche etc., chillout zone by legendary Ed2000.

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 Arty in Berlin

  • On Thursday Berlin’s first museum for urban art, Urban Nation, opened a new exhibition; Un-derstand, the power of art as a social architect. For that occassion they had some of the murals along Bülowstraße replaced, so there will be new some large-scale pieces to see as well.
  • It’s once again time for the European Month of Photography (EMOP for short) and C/O is hosting the Opening Days.
  • Absurd Routines, the new exhibition at Kindl contemporary opens on Saturday as well.

Other Stuff To Do in Berlin

  • In times of cinemas going bankrupt on an almost monthly basis it is remarkable that passionate cinema lovers not only manage to keep places with a decidedly arthousey program afloat, but to open new venues and being successful with them. City Kino Wedding is one such place and we congratulate them for their 4th anniversary. Have fun on their Karaoke Night.
  • For the 7th time the knights in self-made armour come together for Bärlin Pedäl Battle, a bike-themed, jousting tournament, that thankfully doesn’t take itself too seriously, well not seriously at all, in fact, it’s downright silly, but soooo much fun.


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