Berlin Events Sept. 21st-23rd

Tipps for your Berlin Weekend

This year French artist JR creates a huge wallpaper/foto installation at Brandenburg Gate for our celebration of national unity, Oct 3rd.

This year French artist JR creates a huge wallpaper/foto installation at Brandenburg Gate for our celebration of national unity, Oct 3rd.

First of all, we have to say sorry for missing the last couple of weekends. The last weeks have been kind of crazy, filled with very demanding clients and a number of unplanned-for projects that took up all our capacities. But, summer is finally over, so it should be a bit quieter in the future – at least after the upcoming unity celeberations on Oct 3rd. If you’re into open-air dancing, this weekend is the last opportunity to do so in a lot of venues, before they close their outdoor areas. Anyway, hopefully you’ll find something to inspire you.

Ride Safe.

Party in Berlin

  • Goat Girl is the latest discovery in a long line of Indie bands from South London. They will perform at Lido,Kreuzberg on Friday.
  • If you’re more into Detroit Techno you might enjoy this edition of Selektors at Prince Charles, featuring Prosumer, San Proper and Mandel Turner. Also on Friday.
  • Starting Saturday afternoon, the Techno Türken posse invites you to enjoy the view and sound of Klunkerkranich, high above Neukölln.
  • To power down again after an excited Berlin weekend you might consider Mystic Rose meets Hometown Berlin, in our latest street art-themed beach bar.
  • This month’s installment of Recycle celebrates not one but two birthdays: 20 Years Virus & 8 Years Impulse. Both labels embody the series‘ motto „Berlin’s finest Drum&Bass“ perfectly.
  • Rare are the weekends when there are two 1st class D&B events in Berlin. Sadly not so rare are goodbye-events of clubs that are scheduled for demolition, like Rosi’s. We’ll def. miss the place and in a way it feels like they are the last of the old guard folding their banner.
  • Hopefully PrivatClub in Kreuzberg will escape this fate, although rumour has it, that some fancy start-up moved into the neighbourhood and they’re already complaning. Anyway, on Saturday, they cater to the 60s crowd, with their rare soul-packed Hip City Rare Soul De-Lite.

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Arty in Berlin

  • The guys from Hometown and Wandelism Berlin are organising the Paste-Up Festival 2018 at Deutsche Oper, aiming to create the biggest paste-up-Gallery in the German-speaking world.
  • Restless Times is a new exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau focussing on new archeological digs and findings highlighting the fact that even in the Neolithicum, thousands of years ago, Europe was a thouroughly networked continent, with trade relations spanning from Scandinavia to Cappadocia.
  • Tempelhof airfield is among the most unique places Berlin has to offer and is hugely popular with all types of outdoorsy people, be they cyclists, runners or enthusiastic barbecuers. The history of the place on the other hand is largely unknown if you discount some vague notions about the Berlin airlift. A Broad Field is a new outdoor exhibition detailing Tempelhofs past as a military training ground, test area for all kinds of flying machines, including those of the brothers Wright and the rather unpleasant role as a concentration camp.
  • I’m not that good parsing art-speak, which is why in the case of Seen By #10, a new exhibition at the Museum für Fotographie, I will simply quote their website: „The 10th edition of the Seen By series generates an exhibition structure with 10 artistic positions. The exhibition entitled conlang focuses on the singular/plural articulations of the presence of audiences, artistic forms of invented languages and conlang as a metaphor.

More Things to do in Berlin

  • In the last two years the kite festival at Tempelhof had to fight low winds, so a lot of the giant constructions weren’t able to properly lift-off. Hopefully this year will be different, and if not you can still enjoy the absurd formation flyers that are able to perform with almost no wind at all and drink an overpriced beer in the sun.
  • Wildes Berlin“ is an off musical featuring anthopromorphized wildlife like rapping doves and singing foxes discussing the intricacies of life in the big city, just like cats. But with more sex. And drugs. And way less cats.


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