Berlin events October 12th-14th

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Berlin’s City Center and its landmarks are still in the grip of the Illuminators (not to be mistaken with the illuminati) Berlin Leuchtet and Festival of Lights. There are a number of options to enjoy both festivals on a bike. First and foremost of coursethere are our own lightseeing tours, where you get the added pleasure of a knowledgeable guide. If you just want to ride without additional information/entertainment, you join one of the free rides by ADFC or the independently organized Lightride by Critical Bass. If that is still not enough you could take a ride to Teufelsberg or just the lawn of Maifeld and sneak a peek at the world Championships of Fireworks Pyronale thats taking place at Olympiastadium.

Other than that we strongly suggest to spend some time outdoors, since these will probably be the last warm days before the eternal darkness takes us. For those of you with an interest in city development a visit to the newly opened Mercedes Plaza might be interesting. Not that anyone really Needs a 69th Shopping mall or another multiplex cinema but seeing what a multinational company does when you give them a lot of space in an underdeveloped former industrial district might be a good indicator for things to come, if we don’t stop selling our cities to the highest bidder.

Party in Berlin

  • Tresor’s Grounded Theory series celebrates Techno the purest and most industrial variety. For their 9th anniversary Henning Baer invited KAssem Mosse, Exos, Blawan and Paleman.
  • Zitty Labels Dena as „relaxed bedroom pop“ which doesn’t really does her justice although you can definitely enjoy her Music in the Sheets. On Friday the Berlin local will proove what else she’s capable of at Funkhaus Berlin.
  • Jazzanova were among the first in Germany to consequently mix Hip Hop, Electronica and Jazz in 1990s Berlin for all those who wanted something new, that was not Techno. On Friday they’re playing at Festsaal Kreuzberg.
  • And yes, Kim Wilde is not only still alive, she’s still performing, Saturday at Columbiahalle.
  • It’s a weekend for strong and controversial women – as should be every weekend. One such woman is Pilz, a conscious rapper with a growing number of death threats from all kinds of extremists performs her new, third album at Badehaus.
  • A lot less controversial but every bit as strong is Della Miles, a former musical star, actor and Background singer for Whitney Houston, is performing her first solo Album at Berlin’s number one jazz cellar Quasimodo.
  • If you’re more into an evening of quiet introspection you might enjoy BiWald, a duo of a Cellist/singer and a Pianist, both coming from a classical jazz Background and out to celebrate their diverse heritage.
  • Normally we wouldn’t recommend a visit to Haubentaucher, because they seem a bit fake and not really all that berlinish, but a gig by TokTok vs. Soffy O is a good reason to finally take a look at the Club/Pool/Lounge-Thingy in RAW.
  • Burg Schnabel is inviting us to their Utopia with Techno beats. Tyrants are to be left at home for their 12 hour, 3 floor extravaganza.

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Arty in Berlin

  • Otto Müller is one of the lesser-known member of the artist’s group Brücke (wiki). That doesnt mean he and his work were or are without influence. A new exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof takes a closer look at his Modernist painting and those of other artists that he influenced; Painter Mentor, Magician!
  • The New infinity. Neue Kunst für Planetarien at Mariannenplatz gives a rare glance into the work of 360° artists. While the venue was over-crowded during artweek, this Weekend should be a lot quieter, even though, it’s the last to see the presentations.
  • The EyeEm Awards Ceremony and Party is a must-see Event for everyone who is or wants to be a photog in Berlin.

Other Things to do in Berlin

  • Once a year a horde (flock? herd?) of sheep is being let loose (within limits) of Tempelhof airfield to do some landscaping to improve bio-diversity – and I guess so we city kids get to see some live animals that are not trying to wrap their leash around our bike. It’s really cute and a rather strange view, to see grazing sheep while people are kitesurfing on the runway and the TV Tower looming in the background.
  • In case you were wondering; of course there is a dedicated Ramen Festival taking place in Berlin and why should it not….


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