Berlin events March 9th – 11th

berlin-impressionen-7992 Tipps for your Berlin weekend

Party in Berlin

  • It feels like it’s finally ok again to suggest outdoor activities to you, so why not start your Saturday night clubbing with a bit of Vorglühen at Klunkerkranich with Philip Kroth, Nowhere People and Daniele di Martino – and a wonderful view of nighttime Berlin.
  • If you listened to Breakbeats at all in the 90s chances are good you heard something from LTJ Bukem. His Earth series and the Logical Progression samplers are milestones of the genre to this day he keeps puching the limit with new collaborations. Saturday he is playing Gretchen together with Hybrid Minds.
  • Just writing this, makes me feel incredibly old; Tresor.27 doesn’t refer to the 27th longplayer on the label, but to the fact, that the club has been around for 27 years. To celebrate that they planned a number of live acts and hooked up with Juan Atkins again, basically the guy who invented the term „Techno“.
  • Die Wallerts are returning to Friedrichshain and bring their uniquely funny mix of punk and folk and polka. Best consumed with more than just a little knowledge of the German language. Did I mention they’re funny.
  • Birgit & Bier is back in the game. After 3 months winter break they open doors again this Saturday.
  • DJ Caspa never made that last step to superstardom filling whole stadiums on his own. Probably a good thing, because instead being worried about his millions of instagram-followers he invests all his time in becoming better – at mixing, not as a producer. On Saturday you can hear one of his funky house sets at Farbfernseher (has any of you been there?).
  • Station 17 is a band that has been bringing together mentally handicapped (sorry if this is not PC, please school me) and supposedly „healthy“ musicians to create experimental tracks that defy all genre classifications. For their show Berghain Kantine they teamed up with TM Schneider, Datashock and Faust. Garantueed to surprise you.

Arty in Berlin

  • Eduardo Paolozzi is considered to be one of the founders of British PopArt, he was definitely abundantly creative in many genres. Following a show in Whitechapel, Berlinische Galerie put together the first monographic exhibition in Germany; Lots of Pictures – Lots of Fun
  • One of the remarkable things about the performance Pacifico Exercises: desplazamiento is, that the music was created after the choreography. 6 different composers each interpreted a dance to form an eclectic whole.

Other Stuff to do in Berlin

  • In addition to ITB, the worlds largest travel trade-show that started on Wednesday, there’s a smaller and not so businessy Travel Festival that caters to individual travellers. They have talks and workshops about a lot of that seemingly have not much to do with travel, like building your own longboard or natural cosmetics. Sounds interesting, and we have sent someone to spy on it, to tell you more about it.


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