Berlin events March 2nd – 4th

Your Berlin Weekend

Eventtipps für Berlin - zugefrorener hhumboldthafen Over the last weeks large parts of the northern hemisphere have been gripped by an not exactly cycling-friendly cold. While the Brits are calling it „beast from the east“, the Germans have a more prosaic approach and are just calling it „Hartmut“. But I’m digressing, right in time for the weekend temperatures are rising above zero again and it might be possible to leave the house again. Our weekend tipps at least are filled to the brim with suggestions on why to do that. Have fun, take care of each other and hold tight – spring is round the corner.

Party in Berlin

  • Its funny how SO36 keeps featured here with more than one event, or not all. On Friday it’s time for RollerDisco. Yes that means exactly what you think, clubbing with rollerskates like it’s 1984, but with better music. A day later Klub Balkanska it once again proving that noone parties harder and with more abundance than the Easteuropeans. The only excuses not to enjoy that are: you absolutely hate brass music and/or you’re deliberately leading a fun-free existence.
  • Sisyphos is reopening for the 2018 season on Friday and like always stays open until late Sunday. We don’t know if they’ll open the outdoor area as well, but if so, you just get to dance a bit harder to keep warm, right.
  • On Saturday WestBam celebrates his birthday at Yaam with his new album Risky Sets and a couple of friends like Northern Lite and Minimal Akustik. If you were born between Feb 25th and March 4th, you’ll supposedly get in for free – if you get in.
  • We were quite excited when we read that there’s a new album by TokTok and Soffy O (coming out on Saturday). And of course, they’re touring with that album and start that tour in Berlin, at Suicide Circus to be exact.
  • Bar Tausend is housing Göttingen-based DJ/producer Sotah. What he calls Unity of Sound is just his eclectic and wide-ranging idea of a good night on the dancefloor, during we which we might transition from jazzy HipHop to soul, funk and the occasional ethno influence.
  • Normally these days DJ legend Fatboy Slim is only playing the really big and fancy venues but this Saturday he’s hosting an evening at WaterGate- maybe he just loves the location as we do.
  • Electro label Giegling enter the maze of Funkhaus Berlin for a collaborative event, with concerts by Kettenkarusell, Fennesz, Kreidler, Lucky Dragons and more. For this they  will not only take over the big stage, but large parts of this unique venue. If you haven’t been to this former GDR state-radio headquarter with its original interior design, this seems like a good excuse to finally do so.
  • AND: chansonette Elif at Kesselhaus, Death by Chocolate at Musik & Frieden, Karneval de Purim at Ritter Butzke. 

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Arty in Berlin

  • Radialsystem V is housing three staged concerts (whatever that may be) of modern interpretations of Schubert songs. Even without specific arrangements Schubert sounds timeless and surprisingly contemporate. With an instrumentation of a string quartet, four singers, a piano, three performers and an electric guitar Nico and the Navigators are sure to make this an interesting evening – or three; Silent Songs into the Wild
  • To this day Solaris, written by Polish author Stanislaw Lem in 1961, remains one of the most influential Sci-Fi books of all times, teaching us a lot about how our preconceptions shape reality. Director Andras Dömötör is staging the book as an absurd trip exploring the boundaries between dreams and the other thing, you know, what you think is real, but might be something else. Starting on Friday at Deutsches Theater Kammerspiele – in German
  • The Berlin Graphic Days #11 are opening on Friday at Urban Spree. You can expect a lot of Berlin-based art on display and sale, live paintings, performances and drinks. If you are looking to really own a unique and affordable piece of Berlin, this is your venue.
  • At the Tchoban foundation a new exhibition opens on Saturday; Visions of World Architecture. The exhibition showcases a series of remarkable drawings produced by Sir John Soane to illustrate his lectures at the Royal Academy of Arts, London between 1809 and 1820.

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Other Stuff in Berlin

  • For over 25 years american comedienne Gayle Tufts made fun of us Germans (rightly so) before she became one herself. Her program is in German but still has that unique and equally loving and analytical look on her home that made her famous.


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