Berlin events Jan 12th – 14th

Our tipps for your Berlin weekend

teufelsberg-radar-station-berlin-street-art-8814 After taking ourselves out over the holidays for some well-deserved downtime, we are back with our weekly collection of 1st class entertainment suggestions for you to browse at your leisure. Bear with us, we might be off to a slow start, our brains are still kind of clogged after all that fatty and alcohol-fueled X-mas and New Year’s Eve gluttony. Anyway, we hope you all celebrated the holidays with the people you love and wish you a very happy, exciting and productive 2018. 

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Party in Berlin

  • Fisch sucht Fahrrad  (this Friday at Frannz) is the longest-standing speed-dating party in Berlin and by all accounts it’s rather fun, even if you’re not looking for the love of your live (or quick and meaningless intercourse). What you definitely won’t see here is the super-cool, black-clad Electro-Hipster, instead you can expect a mixed crowd in all ages.
  • Freude am Tanzen is one of those small, creative and cool electro or in this case house-lLabels, Germany seems to breed in such a high quantity. On Friday they showcase their work at Kater Blau. For a preview check out the Soundcloud player below:
  • Your German/Berlin word for this Friday: Schwoofen ~ oldschool for dancing (with a partner). Basically the only place you can still experience this, is Clärchen’s Ballhaus, the ballroom on Auguststraße that’s been around for more than a hundred years more or less unchanged. They have a band, a 86 years old guy taking your coat and giving compliments to your girlfriend and no one is too cool to have fun. Classic bucketlist material
  • If you’re into German Hip Hop, Max-Schmeling-Halle is your place to be on Saturday. Royal Bunker B-Boys Savas and Sido will take to the stage and give you all the wanna-be-gangsta vibes you enjoyed so much, when you were smoking your first reefer behind the schoolyard dumpster.
  • BBE records are responsible for bringing acts like Spoek Mathambo and Dimitri from Paris compilation to our shores. On Saturday you have the chance to dance to one of DJ Jon’s (who is the brain and engine behind BBE) eclectic mixes, that may involve anything from Afrobeat to Garage and everything in between at Bar Tausend.
  • Swing has been popular in Berlin for a while now, but since Sky’s Babylon Berlin appeared on the screen the scene seems to be getting ever more dynamic. The Savoy Satellites have been a fixture of the genre and on Sunday they will perform with a classic big-band setup involving both a male and a female singer.

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Arty in Berlin

  • It’s gotten a bit quiet around Pussy Riot. One reason that was, that part of the Punk-Protest-Collective were busy creating a theatre-/performance evening based on the Maria Alyokhina’s book Riot Days, which in turned is based on her experiences in a prison camp she was sent to for protesting in a way the authorities of Putin’s Russia didn’t really appreciate. On Sunday the play/performance „Pussy Riot Theatre – Riot Days“ is taking to the stage of SO36. (via zitty)
  • Claire Waldoff was one of Berlin’s most famous and important female performers in the late 20s and early 30s, getting on stage in man’s clothes and smoking cigars, claiming the right to decide for hersel how to appear as a woman. Her songs were real super hits back then, that every child new. On Saturday, chanteuse Sigrid Grajek and pianist Regina Knobel will try to bring back a bit of this coarse Berlin-style glamour with a concert at Lyrik Café; Claire Waldoff: Ich will aber gerade vom Leben singen. 

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Other Stuff in Berlin

  • Of course our tipps wouldn’t be complete without a film festival – or two. In this case we’re talking about British Shorts, a 6-day festival showcasing over 150 short movies made on the British isles.
  • Even more special are the Stummfilmkonzerte by Graf Bothmer. Bothmer has been creating music for silent movies for over 20 years. In January there is a concert/screening on, almost every day in one of two Kreuzberg churches with the focus on the funnies like Stan and Olli this Friday.

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