Berlin events Feb 23-25th

Our tips for your Berlin weekend

berlin-streetart-34 Just when we thought, spring is round the corner and days before our season starts properly Berlin is in the grip of cold spell. While that does mean there’s finally some real sunshine, the weather comes with a bit of a challenge for us cyclists. This is especially true for everyone thinking about joining this month’s Critical Mass. So, grab all the expedition grade clothing you find and join us at 8pm at Heinrichplatz in Kreuzberg. 

Party in Berlin

  • If you enjoy celebrating with a very mixed crowd and doing good at the same time, you should head over to Kultstätte Keller for their fundraiser together with Rückenwind, a Neukölln-based non-profit that has been repairing bikes with and for refugees to give them away for the last three years.
  • Looking at Pauli Pocket it’s hard to believe she’s been DJing nearly 10 years now, with regular gigs at Kater Blau, Sisyphos or Renate, looking as young and fresh as she does. for her birthday party she’s taking over Kater Blau with her Pockets Rockets Vol.1
  • African Acid is the Future – at least according to the organizers of the party with the same name at Festsaal Kreuzberg on Saturday.
  • A modern look at Big Band Jazz is to be had at B-Flat and a show by Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra
  • Usually in this town, if an event is labelled with the Detroit monicker you can expect a whole lot of oldschool techno. Saturday’s „Detroit All Night“ at Badehaus though is an evening filled with Northern Soul, Funk and Disco.
  • Exquisite Feierei at Suicide Circus is hosting Shinedoe, Sawlin, Nina Pixel and others this weekend, bringing you a mix of classic Techno, Acid and Afrobeats.

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Arty in Berlin

  • Chor@Berlin at Radialsystem V is a three day choir festival with a number of concerts, movie screenings and workshops. Their „I can not sing choir“ (Ich kann nicht singen Chor) made up on the spot by people who claim not to be able to sing, has reached a bit of cult status over the last couple years.
  • Die Schönheit der großen Stadt (Beauty of the big city) is the new special exhibition at Ephraim Palais. Completely ignoring modern multimedia presentations it demands that each visitor creates his/her own vision fed and enforced by the pure artworks on display.
  • Lichtkunst Galerie (light art gallery) opens on Saturday with the claim to promote all kinds of art working with light. 
  • The Michelangelo String Quartet is playing Bartok, Beethhoven and Enescu in the wonderful Pierre-Boulez-Saal. Their website might say it’s sold out, but they always keep a few tickets for the evening, so just be there an hour early, get your ticket and a drink.

Other Stuff to do in Berlin

  • It’s always a good idea to switch perspective, so why not join one of the intercultural walking tours at Tempelhof airfield. Listen to what refugees have to say about arriving in Berlin and living in the old airport.
  • Arminius Markthalle in Moabit is slowly developing into another important hub for the Berlin food scene and it’s not that surprising that they try their luck with things that have been proven to work at its Kreuzberg counterpart, for example this weekends Cheese Festival


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