Berlin events Aug 3rd -5th

Tipps for your Berlin Weekend

The entrance to the nineties Berlin exhibition evokes the feeling of a club entrance.

The entrance to the nineties Berlin exhibition evokes the feeling of a club entrance.

After a short, heat-related break last week we are back with our ideas to spend your weekend, if you’re not just chilling at the lake or eating ice-cream the whole day.

Party in Berlin

  • Kater Blau invited DJ, producer and live musician Ray Kajioka to perform his signature 90s-detroit-sound this Friday.
  • We have a number of Soul/Motown events this week, like the Hippo Brothers at Quasimodo, that combine boogaloo with Funk and more or less everything else that grooves. We continue with a more hiphoppy nod to the G-Funk with the Motown Club at Kreuzbergs Cheshire Cat and finish the theme with the next issue of Soul Explosion returning to Lido.
  • Infected Drum & Bass at Void Club featuring DLR
  • Tresor.Klubnacht on Saturday with Deep b2b, The Drifter, Iron Curtis, Roman Poncet, Mario Berger and more.

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Arty in Berlin

  • Artist Complex“ the new exhibition at Helmut Newton Foundation puts the artists themselves front and center in their visual essay about what it means to be seen as an artist based on the incredible collection of Angelika Platen, featuring not only her own work but some of the greatest photographers ever, like Cartier-Bresson, Berenice Abbott or Newman and a rather large number of less famous artists.
  • Nineties Berlin is a new multimedia exhibition about this most defining era in younger Berlin history. Although they are only officially opening on Saturday, we were invited to take a peak before that. Follow the link to read our intro and find all relevant info.
  • Philippe Parreno created an exhibition for Martin-Gropius-Bau as part of the „Immersion“ programme. His approach is that of an ever-changing landscape of art and real-time feedback loops to create something closer to a living organism.
  • Ausufern at Uferstudios is a festival for performative arts, running the first four days of the four months between June and September. I had the pleasure to photograph one of the rehearsals – LineUp by Lee Meir – and was super-impressed and judging by the description the outländish expedition will be super-fun as well – plus there’s free food 😉

Other Things to do in Berlin


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