Berlin events Aug 17th – 19th

Your Berlin Weekend

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Party in Berlin

  • Sometimes you can still tell that Thabo Getsome used to be part of the HipHop community. His house-sets and releases feature deep rythms that change all the time. Together with Makam and Madana he’ll rock the house at Prince Charles, this Friday.
  • At Festsaal Kreuzberg on the other hand Saturday will be a whole night dedicated to HipHop Classics.
  • The only thing that Agnostic Front, Street Dogs and Arrested Denial have in common with the abovementioned HipHop Community are the fierce expressions on their press photos. Hardcore at its finest.
  • Not entirely sure you’ll be able to meditate at Gretchen’s Berlin Deep Medi, but you’ll def. get very deep. Lion’s Den SoundSystem, will bring their wall of bass and Spyro, Commodo and Sicaria fill it with Dubstep and BreakBeats that are dark af.
  • Just to make sure there’s something of every genre here, why not go to GMF again, it’s probably been a while.
  • EastSide Music Festival turns Oberbaum bridge into an open air stage for the people who really create the sound of Berlin – its street musicians. Some of them have gotten some recognition over the years like Infedelix, but most of those artists remain nameless, if we enjoy their music on our way to work.
  • Last but not least, this Friday is the last day of PopKultur Festival at Kulturbrauerei with a whole bunch of cool concerts.


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Arty in Berlin

  • 200€ for a photography workshop is not exactly a bargain, but Highjacking Reality still sounds like a good investment if you’re looking for inspiration to up your creative game and create surreal photo art our of everyday objects.
  • Long duration Performances – inspired by the collection of Bröhan Museum is the presentation of a week-long workshop with Nezaket Ekici.
  • For the next week Tempelhof Airfield (well, parts of it, anyway) are being turned into a stage for Theater Anu. For the third time they created a visual and artistic journey using video, fire and performative arts. Fittingly their new program’s name is DREAMER.

Other Things to do in Berlin

  • Seemly inspired by the Olympus Photography Playground a new museum opens today that lets you play with forced perspectives and all kinds of of optical illusions. We went to the pre-opening and it’s rather fun, but you should be at least a group of three or some pieces won’t really work that. Museum der Illusionen
  • Our former colleague Stefan Danziger is hosting one of his bilingual comedy stand-up late night shows at BKA on Saturday where he delves deep into the peculiarities that come with the job of a tour guide, quite hilarious, if you’re able to laugh about your tourist self – after all we’re all tourists in most places, eh?
  • I think in a way it’s super-unfair to first breed dogs that can’t properly breathe and then let them race each other, but we’re pretty sure the 9th international pug race is going to be super-cute.


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