Berlin events April 6th -8th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend

berlin-streetart-tour-12 Yes, yes, yes and once more: YES! Winter is finally over and this weekend beckons us with temperatures around 20°C to finally get out, ride and chill by the canals and in the parks.  As I wrote elsewhere it’s easy to love Berlin in the summer, but to really be able to appreciate it, you need to spend the winter as well. But even if you’re just here for a few days, the start of spring is a magical time for the city, in mere hours bars and cafés occupy the sidewalks, sunglasses are brought up from their long sleep and everyone seems to be that litte bit happier than just a week ago. So enjoy it while it lasts, get on your bike and explore.

Party in Berlin

  • Lily Allens comeback concert at Lido (Friday) is officially sold-out but you’ll probably be able to score a ticket if you come early enough.
  • DJ Krush’s proficiency on the turntables and as a producer are legendary. On Friday he’s playing Gretchen together with Delfonic, Marc Hype and the Oranoid crew who will bring their bass-heavy style to Box 2.
  • These days Billie Holiday would’ve been a 100 years old. To commemorate this exceptional artist Zig-Zag-Club is hosting an hommage to her. Fun fact: Zig Zag is as far as we know the only concert venue where you pay as much as you can as your entrance – so far that works quite well, so be generous if you can – to keep it that way and to enable people poorer than you to enjoy 1st class jazz for on a dime.
  • Booka Shade will perform their new album at Ritter Butzke on Saturday and as we have come to expect they added a spectacular line-up to support them. The event is part of their Speechless series.
  • Serendubity returns to Rosi’s on Saturday to fill 4 floors with Jungle, Breakbeats, Dub, Ska, Dubstep, Roots and Rocksteady. 
  • Sunday sees the first proper Open Air at Festsaal Kreuzberg (formerly White Trash). We are curious what they did with the location over the long winter months .
  • Quasimodo has another Jazz gem for us (no surprise here, that’s their raison d’etre after all): Marcus Strickland – Twi Life 
  • We nearly made it to the end of this list without a Techno party, just nearly though. Kollektiv Ost and DJ Jauche among others are playing Suicide Circus. So if you enjoy classic down-to-earth-4-to-the-floor-Berlin-techno and don’t mind going to RAW on a weekend this event should def. be on your list.
  • Yetundey is a German Rap artists with Nigerian ancestry that honestly defies my ability to describe her style. It is Rap, Afrobeat, Trap and quite some other things I don’t really have a name for, but it’s all pumping and her technique is really exceptional. We’re always happy when female rappers push the boundaries of the genre. On Saturday she’s playing ACUD for her current single release Tropical Storm.

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Arty in Berlin

  • One of the often cited German virtues is saving, in fact Germans are saving so much of their money that it creates problems for our industry and trading partners. Private citizens have trillions squirrelled away. A new exhibition at DHM (Deutsches Historisches Museum) explores the what and why of this strange behaviour: Saving -History of a German Virtue
  • Another exhibition at Bröhan Museum is taking a closer look at the life and works of Berlin artists belonging to the so-called Berlin Seccession in the years between 1890 and the 1930s, when artists like Zille, Dix and Kollwitz established a new Berlin realism and infused art with social criticism. Berliner Realismus – Von Käthe Kollwitz bis Otto Dix
  • Sadly Sean Penn – Unsung Truths (scroll down for English description) doesn’t feature an appearance by the last Hollywood bad boy personally but is a scenic dispute of this unique character with so many faces – actor, lover, director, activist, paparazzi antagonist…. 
  • Willy-Brandt-Haus (headquarter of the Social Democrats) is hosting a promising exhibition with photographs documenting change in the Ruhr-region of Germany, that was long the nucleus of German heavy industry and is now a prime example of how industries change landscapes and people in the course of growing and dying out again. Upheaval – Industry Landscape Change  Don’t forget to bring some form of ID, there’s a security check 

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Other Stuff to do in Berlin

  • Star Wars in Concert combines live music with a proper classical orchestra with a movie screening at Mercedes Benz Arena on Saturday, sadly though they show the movie in German, but I guess you have make some sacrifices for the force and John Willliams.
  • The Berlin Half Marathon on Sunday is probably only relevant to you if you’re a runner yourself or know someone who’s participating, but it causes more than just a little disruption for traffic. Prepare to take a little bit longer to get anywhere in the city centre, especially if you’re on a bike. Sometimes it’s not easy to cross a street, while 1.000s of lycra-clad healthy people are puking their lungs out to beat last year’s time. Can you tell, I hate jogging? Anyway, it takes all kinds of people, and we’ll just stick to cycling – in fact I’m so lazy I even take the bike to the bakery that is under 100m away.
  • What would we be without our beloved WURST? So, of course there’s a Bratwurst-Championship – probably more than one. Well, there are worse excuses to take a look at Domäne Dahlem, the last traditional farm inside the Berlin city limits and a truly beautiful place


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