Spy Museum – Deutsches Spionagemuseum

The Capital of Spooks

tl;dr: A well designed private museum with lots of things to actively try out that is definetely worth the entrance.

Located at Potsdamer Platz – or Leipziger Platz to be precise – a few years ago a new, privately funded museum about spycraft opened its doors. We were invited for a chat with the director and produced a rather positive video about it, and a not-so-positive blog post. Our biggest complaint then were the exorbitant ticket prices. Not surprisingly the company behind it went bankrupt before long. New management came in, changed things and noticed, that our blog post is a bit behind the times and convinced us to give the place another shot.

Turns out they were right to ask for a re-evaluation of our judgement. 1st of all, tickets are now reasonably priced at 12€ with various discounts available. Secondly they successfully optimized the exhibition itself.

So, on the one hand, they made it much cheaper and therefore more accessible and on the other hand they carefully revisited the exhibition itself – strengthening what worked well and getting rid of things that didn’t. Now there is even more interactive installations to try out. You can not only test your skills as a super burglar in the laser-tunnel, but try yourself at lip-reading, dress up as a spook with a floppy hat, look for bugs in small room and much more.

Diver's mask and rebreathing apparatus at the Spy Museum in Berlin

Using a rebreather like this for underwater infiltration, you won’t betray yourself with bubbles rising to the surface

They kept a lot of the physical exhibits and there is still a lot of text and video to explore but it is not as overwhelming as it used, something the youngsters will surely appreciate. All in all, the experience is much more seemless than before. Instead of just adding stuff like enigma machines and micro-cameras until the space is full, the different aspects of the larger theme are gearing into each other as pieces of a larger whole.


FACTS Deutsches Spionagemuseum

Leipziger Platz 9

10117 Berlin

U-/S-Bahn Potsdamer Platz (map)

open daily 10 – 20 hours.

tickets 12 €/8 €; groups (10 and above) 9 €; family (unlimited kids if they’re yours) 35 €.

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