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Prenzlauer Berg – Walking Tour for School Groups

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Walking through Prenzlauer Berg

No other neighbourhood has changed as much as Prenzlauer Berg since the fall of the Berlin Wall. A neighbourhood of tenements built around 1900 for the burgeoning industrial working class of Berlin, its buildings fell into disrepair in East German times. Since the fall of the Wall they have been extensively renovated and are very sought after. Yet this change has come with a cost: almost 80% of the former population of Prenzlauer Berg have been priced out by soaring rents, and its legendary pub and club scene has been dramatically reduced because the affluent new residents don’t like the noise. Such ‘gentrification’ has become a common trend across the world’ major cities, but in Berlin, and especially in Prenzlauer Berg, these changes have been particularly and aggressively rapid. This walk is a case study in that process.

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