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Street Art Bike Tour

Quick Details

Adults Ages 16+ (incl. bike rental)
Pupils / Students Ages 6 till 15 / Valid ID required (incl. bike rental) Ages 6 - 15 / Valid ID required (incl. bike rental)
Children Ages 5 & Under
Private Group 1-5 People (incl. bike rental)
Private Group 6-9 People (incl. bike rental)

Biking in Berlin’s lively street art scene

Berlin has always been a mecca for creatives from around the world. Berlin’s public spaces are alive with the works of artists who strive to define their own ideas of beauty and creativity.

Whether in Kreuzberg, Wedding or Mitte, every vacant lot or building facade has the potential to become an exhibition space. From classic street art to urban farming, on this bike tour we visit projects that push and blur the boundaries between what is sanctioned and what is illegal.

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