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Street Art Bike Tour Berlin

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Private Group 1-5 People (incl. bike rental)
Private Group 6-10 People (incl. bike rental)
Private Group 11+ Price is per person (incl. bike rental)

Cycling Berlin’s lively street art & urban art scene

Berlin has always been a mecca for creatives from around the world. The city’s public spaces are alive with the works of artists who strive to define their own ideas of beauty and creativity.

How and where does art and creativity develop in Berlin? It’s all about atmosphere and lifestyle, creativity in a larger context, and influencing and sculpting the urban environment. Where a guerrilla art sculpture stands today, the next luxury loft apartment could take its place tomorrow. 

Street Art Mecca Berlin

Whether in Kreuzberg, Wedding or Mitte, every vacant lot or building facade has the potential to become an exhibition space. From classic street art to urban farming, on this bike tour we visit projects that push and blur the boundaries between what is sanctioned and what is illegal.

Street Art Bike Tour in Mitte & Prenzlauer Berg

We start off in lively Prenzlauer Berg and give you a short introduction to the history of Berlin’s street art scene. We show you some of the different techniques artists use, like stencils, stickers, paste-ups etc. before we go on to explore Mitte, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg – always looking for the latest artworks, be it graffiti, murals, stencils or sculptures. 

Urban Art Tour in Friedrichshain

Another hotspot for street art in Berlin is the funky East Berlin neighbourhood of Friedrichshain. There are a rich array of artworks to discover here on the graffiti covered walls of the former railway workshop RAW, in murals by street art greats like El Bocho and Cranio around Holzmarkt and of course in the world-famous murals of the East Side Gallery, painted on 1.3 kilometres of original Berlin Wall that still runs along the river Spree. 

Kreuzberg Street Art by Bike

Crossing the Spree you will find some of Berlin’s most famous murals in the multi-cultural neighbourhood of Kreuzberg. Street art is ubiquitous here, with large-scale murals by international artists like BLU, Herakut, Victor Ash and ROA jostling alongside smaller scale but nonetheless exciting bursts of local graffiti and other forms of urban art. 

On this tour we explore even the most surprising corners of this vibrant scene.. Are you interested in the Street Art Bicycle Tour Berlin? – Request private tour

What you will see on our Street Art Bike Tour Berlin?

On this tour we will explore Berlin’s vibrant art scene beyond museums and galleries.. There is no fixed route, as Street Art is ephemeral: the patterns of urban creativity pulse and flow in constantly changing expressions that we follow as they emerge and vanish and emerge into something else altogether. 

Our Berlin Street Art Highlights

  • Wall of Fame in Berlin Mauerpark
  • RAW with Urban Spree gallery in Berlin Friedrichshain
  • East-Side-Gallery and Holzmarkt
  • Street Art hotspot Haus Schwarzenberg in Mitte
  • Stencils, paste-ups & more along Dircksenstraße
  • Urban Art in Wedding along the river Panke
  • Murals in Kreuzberg SO36

Our guides will show you their personal urban art highlights and will surprise you with lots of beautiful Berlin street art pieces.

Join one of our street art tours and discover the street art capital Berlin!