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Berlin Highlights Bike Tour

Quick Details

Adults Ages 16+ (incl. bike rental)
Pupils / Students Ages 6 - 15 / Valid ID required (incl. bike rental)
Children Ages 5 & Under
Private Group 1-5 People (incl. bike rental)
Private Group 6-9 People (incl. bike rental)

Ideal for first time visitors, as well as for history buffs.

This Berlin bike tour takes in all the central sites of Berlin, and way more! We begin in Prenzlauer Berg, once a working class slum, now a trendy central neighbourhood for the chic and monied of the city, exploring its painstakingly restored historical apartment blocks that were built during the industrial era of the Wilhelminian boom. After that, it’s off to the historical city centre, where Museum Island, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag are just a few of the famous sites you will experience first hand. You’ll encounter remnants of Prussia’s glory, and traces left behind by the 40 years when Communist East Germany had its capital on one side of Berlin. You will also see the rapidly changing contemporary landscape of the city, including the breathtaking architecture of the new government district.

This bike tour is the ideal introduction to Berlin. Through story and fact telling we get to communicate to you our passion and enthusiasm for this fascinating city, and guide you through its complex history and its every-changing present.- Simply the best of Berlin!

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