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The Berlin Wall Walking Tour for School Groups

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A Walk Along the Berlin Wall

Bernauer Strasse was the site of dramatic scenes after the Berlin Wall was built. The houses on the southern side of the street were in East Berlin, but the sidewalk was in West Berlin. Many resident abseiled to freedom from the windows, others jumped down into sheets being held out by West Berlin fire fighters. These houses were later demolished to make way for the Death Strip of the Berlin Wall.

Several escape tunnels were also dug from the western side of Bernauer Strasse, and nearly 100 people escaped East Germany through these damp and narrow passes, often risking their lives in the process. The world famous photograph of the East German soldier Conrad Schumann was also taken on this street, an iconic image showing the moment he dropped his gun and leapt across barbed wire into freedom in the West.

On our walking tour of Bernauer Strasse we follow in the footsteps of these tumultuous events, and witness the places where they occurred.

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