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Family bicycle tours Berlin with kids

Bike Tours with kids in Berlin – An experience for the whole family

Guided bike tours are an ideal activity for children and teenagers. A bit of cycling, then short stops for explanations – the constant variety pleases the youngsters, the stories engage the adults. Our guides will always take into account all members of the family, from the smallest to the oldest!   

Our most popular, family friendly bicycle tours

If you book a private bike tour as a family, we can cater even more precisely to your individual needs. We can plan for ice cream stops, or choose places in the city that children and younger people would find interesting or exciting.

To give you a better idea of what’s possible, check out our most popular family bike tours:

#1 Family Bike Tour Prenzlauer Berg

Our Berlin insider tip for families with small children. A short bike tour full of fun and surprising stories through the beautiful neighbourhoods of Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte.

Another Mauerpark grafitti in the making.

#2 Berlin Highlights Bike Tour

Ideal for first-time visitors to Berlin. This tour will show you all the famous Berlin sights and give you an engaging introduction to Germany’s capital. Exploring Berlin by bike is the perfect way to experience the city.

Familie Radtour Berlin - Lustgarten

#3 Berlin Wall Bike Tour

Germany’s division and the Berlin Wall are difficult but fascinating topics for older kids and teenagers. On our Berlin Wall Bike Tour families can experience history where it happened, in the very neighbourhoods once rendered in two by the path of barricade that divided the city for 28 years.

Berlin Wall Bike Tour at Bornholmer Straße

#4 Oasis of Berlin – Green Berlin Bike Tour

If you think you already know everything there is to see in Berlin, this tour is for you! We will show you hidden places off the beaten track and you will encounter aspects of Berlin that you would never have expected to find.

Green Berlin - Berlin Mauerpark

Cycling with children in Berlin – Is a bike tour around Berlin safe?

We select the routes of our tours carefully, and our guides receive specialist training in managing bike tours. We favour routes that lead away from the busy main roads of the city, and try wherever possible to stick to quiet streets and cycle paths, for maximum safety and enjoyment.

50% of Berlin households do not own a car, and travelling by bike or public transport is the norm here, which means that car drivers are used to cyclists.

The luminous orange vests worn by our bike guides and a volunteer at the back of the bike tour make us easy to spot on the roads. In Berlin it is possible to enjoy a safe and relaxed bike tour, including with children.

Bikes for all ages – Our family friendly bike fleet

When your kids feel comfortable with their bikes, a bike tour in Berlin is safe and relaxed for the whole family. 

We have a solution for all ages, from baby seats and child trailers to trailer bikes and trailers, including helmets for children, of course. For self-cycling children, smaller bikes are available in 20, 24 and 26 inch wheel sizes. All these make sure you have a great day with your kids on a bike tour with Berlin on Bike.