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  • Small Group Bike Tour

Alternative Berlin Bike Tour

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Adults Ages 18+ (incl. bike rental)
Pupils / Students up to 17 years (incl. children bikes)
Children till 8 years
Private Group 1-5 People (incl. bike rental)
Private Group 6-10 People (incl. bike rental)

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Alternative Berlin Tour on Bicycle

Hop on a bike & Embark on an Alternative Tour of Berlin

Embark on a cycling adventure through the transformed neighborhoods of Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, and Friedrichshain with our ‘Alternative Berlin’ bike tour. Experience the famous and infamous aspects of Berlin’s cultural diversity, vibrant nightlife, and numerous lively subcultures shaped since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Commencing in the former hub of East Berlin’s opposition movement, Prenzlauer Berg, now a chic and affluent district, the tour explores charming streets adorned with fantastic cafes, restaurants, and trendy shops.

The journey continues to the trendy Friedrichshain, home to the famous East-Side-Gallery, a large artwork on the former Berlin Wall, the iconic Berghain techno temple, and one of Berlin’s street art hotspots, the RAW-Gelände.

In Kreuzberg, discover exciting and colorful neighborhoods teeming with young and creative individuals. Whether exploring lively streets, the vibrant Markthalle Neun, the intriguing Görlitzer Park, or the Bethanienhaus, Kreuzberg offers a diverse array of experiences.

Bike traffic light in front of Case Mclaims artwork in Berlin Kreuzberg - Alternative bike tour Berlin

Alternative Berlin Tours: A Colorful City of Contrasts

Since the fall of the Wall in 1989, Berlin has undergone profound changes. The squatter movement shifted from West Berlin’s Kreuzberg to the East Berlin district of Friedrichshain, giving way to new clubs, art hubs, and creative spaces on vacant lots and abandoned places.

Berlin became an open city, where sudden shifts in power and economic instability allowed for unprecedented possibilities. Despite limited financial resources, Berliners had a surplus of ideas. The 1990s saw a kaleidoscope of artists, techno enthusiasts, punks, migrants, squatters, and newcomers from around the world shaping the city’s unique identity.

However, the flip side became evident around 2010 as Berlin gained popularity, attracting investors and affluent individuals. This led to increasing gentrification, transforming Prenzlauer Berg into a luxury renovated hipster district and driving up prices in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. Today, these neighborhoods represent a colorful mix of pre-war and modern architecture, creative and chic elements, diversity, and gentrification.

Cycling Through Berlin’s Underground Scene

As we pedal through vibrant streets and beautiful squares, we showcase imaginative street art, guide you to fantastic weekly markets, and share stories about typical Berlin free spaces, like the treehouse on the Berlin Wall, Holzmarkt 25, Yaam, or the RAW-Gelände.

a group of people riding a bike in the Berliner Oranienstrasse

This alternative bike tour in Berlin ensures you won’t miss courtyards, street art, creative projects, trendy spots, and the diverse club culture that makes Berlin truly unique. Your guide provides insider tips on excellent restaurants, hip shops, and, with a bit of luck, reveals how to gain entry to the best clubs. Together, we revel in Berlin’s creative side, its colorful residents, and everything that makes Berlin the liveliest place in the world. However, we also address the social issues affecting Berlin, shedding light on how creatives and locals are combating rising rents and defending their spaces against investors and businesses.

Tour These Alternative Berlin Hotspots

Our Alternative Berlin bike tour takes you to hotspots providing glimpses into the city’s colorful life, including:

  • Trendy streets in the former working-class neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg
  • The beautiful boulevard of communism (formerly Stalinallee)
  • The East-Side-Gallery
  • Oberbaumbrücke (Berlin’s most beautiful bridge and former border crossing)
  • Vycling along the Spree river
  • Rxploring street art and murals in Wrangelkiez or RAW-Gelände
  • Relaxing in Görlitzer Park
  • Discovering Klein Istanbul & extraordinary shops and bars around Oranienstraße
  • Exploring Bethaniënhaus – from a hospital to a squat to a cultural hotspot.

Good to know:

Our guides adapt the Kreuzberg bike tour flexibly to weather conditions, participants’ interests, demonstrations or road closures, and occasionally their own preferences. Changes and deviations are always possible.