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The East Berlin Unplugged Bike Tour for School Groups

Quick Details

Life in East Germany: A Bike Tour for School Trips

Imagine you were young in the GDR (East Germany) more than 30 years ago. On this tour we explore the haunts of the old East Berlin, and aspects of life in the GDR. Have you heard of the ‘Young Pioneers’ and the “Free German Youth’? What was it like going to school, growing up, and living and working in the ‘Land of Living Socialism’? Were East Germans ever allowed to leave their own country to travel abroad? What did the State Security (Stasi) do, and how did ordinary East Germans feel like growing up and living under constant state surveillance?

As an addition to the tour experience, we recommend a visit to the exhibition ‘Everyday Life in the GDR’, located conveniently right at the start and end point of the tour.

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