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Flying around Tempelhof with Klara Geist

Klara Geist's Fanny and her pink Bullitt during an event atz Tempelhof we did together.
Waiting for the client....

Waiting for the client….

Just found some pictures from an event in early summer that I wanted to share: our first ride with a boom bike – and what boom it had. For years we’ve known about Klara Geist and their amazing bike-mounted soundsystems.  Among others they equipped Joe Hatchiban, the guy running the Bearpit Karaoke at Mauerpark and the radioeins-Soundbike. So we’ve been offering their systems wherever we thought it would fit the customers profile. In the end, the first to catch on was a British/Scandinavian games and communications publisher for their annual company retreat in Berlin.

Fisheye George - still waiting...

Fisheye George – still waiting…

Anyway we carted around 200 Bikes, a couple of guides and a cargobike with a soundsystem to the former airport in Tempelhof. Since Willy and Fanny don’t trust mere mortals with their amazing tech, Fanny herself took it upon her to ride the cargobike around Tempelfhofer Feld. And that’s all they did: Riding around the field – once – and than have some music, food and booze at the minigolf-course. Even though the weather was kind of shitty, it was a real fun event and we hope to convince more of our partners to add a soundbike to their bike-related company-event.


There they are.

There they are.

Fanny on her Boombike

Fanny on her Boombike



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