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Best of Berlin Street Art summer 2019

Detail of the

Murals, graffiti, 3D

Have fun with our collection of new Berlin street art, from Tegel to Neukölln. All Infos about the artwork in the captions, or on our regular Street Art bike tour, which we also offer in German. As always we weren’t able to identify all artists shown here, so of course you’re very welcome to educate us and close any existing knowledge gaps. If availabe we included a list of links on the bottom of the gallery, so you can enjoy even more street art goodness.

Neukölln Street Art

Graffiti piece in Berlin Neukölln with tribal patterns and a hippie-style font.

On the side of Kindl Treppe we find this colourfull piece reminiscent both of hippie aestethics and traditional African designs.

graffiti on a wall in Rixdorf

This might be a pug on drugs or something completely different, found in a side street in Rixdorf, Neukölln.

a bench in front of a building

Mural in Berlin Neukölln

I must admit, i found this mural a bit disturbing.

Schnupreme - white on red, paste-up - by Senor Schnu in Neukoelln's Richardstraße, Café Botanico.

Senor Schnu has bee super busy over the last weeks, according to a report by RBB he created over a 1.000 pieces in the winter and then distributed them in only two weeks.

background pattern


Concrete staircase designed with 100s of painted circles. Each little artwork was designed by a different local from Neukölln

Stair case on the back of the Kindl centre for contemporary art. The project “Meine Welt gemeinsam gestalten” ~ “To collectively shape my world”, this project involved numerous locals to shape the concrete stair case at the corner of Isar- and Neckarstraße

Murals/Street Art at Haus Schwarzenberg

Fernsehturm auf der Titanic, Stencil im Haus Schwarzenberg

The TV tower on the Titanic, stencil at Haus Schwarzenberg

A telephone shaped prison made out of resin. 3D street art in Haus Schwarzenberg

Pretty deep, eh? 3D piece in Haus Schwarzenberg; a prison shaped like a smartphone

Berlin Street Art:black and white mural in Haus Schwarzenberg.

War is over – at least according to this rather disturbing mural in Haus Schwarzenberg featuring John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Paste-Up of a geisha holding up a flag saying "Fuck Fame" by artists Ron Miller.

These days Ron Miller is mostly doing commercial work, so its a bit special if you find uncommissioned work by them. Found this Geisha in Haus Schwarzenberg

Otto Schade in Haus Schwarzenberg, two skulls shaping a butterfly.

Very clever bit by Otto Schade aka Osch where two skulls form a butterfly. Spotting his work is pretty simple a lot of the time. In most cases he creates his work using coloured bands

graffiti in Haus Schwarzenberg

Another mural by an as of yet unidentified artist in Haus Schwarzenberg.

Mural in Haus Schwarzenberg with a bat signal by Otto Schade and a cat woman paste-up by

Collab by Liz.Art and Osch: bat signal and cat woman

Mural for at Haus Schwarzenberg, by AGe Age

Mural by Age Age aka Hannes Höhlig for IFEX at Haus Schwarzenberg. IFEX is an NGO promoting the freedom of expression through art as a universal human right.

One Wall projects by Herakut, Nuno Viegas, Tankpetrol and Queenkong in Tegel

Mural in Berlin: a girl with a hoody holds a deer and a bear in her gloved hand. Mural by Herakut and Nuno Viegas.

One Wall project organized by Urban Nation – Berlins first urban art musem – in the Tegel Art Park by Berlin residents Herakut and Nuno Viegas: “I will not let you down”.

Detail of the "real recognizes real"-mural by Herakut and Nuno Viegas

Detail of the “real recognizes real”-mural by Herakut and Nuno Viegas

Mural in Tegel

And a view from the other side

Diptych on a giant wall in Berlin Tegel; one side showing a female pilot, the other a female Luchadora (wrestler).

Another collaboration for a ONE WALL project in Tegel. “2268 miles & Luchadore Pachamama” by Tankpetrol and Queenkong is about the relationship between man and nature according the urban nation website. For me though it is a statement for strong feminity, showing that women don’t have to conform to male expectations of who and what they should be, but I’m an old feminist.

a close up of a light pole in front of a building

Another perspective on this beautiful mural in Tegel.

MISC Berlin Street Art summer 2019

Classical graffiti piece in Mauerpark - just moments before.

Classical graffiti piece in Mauerpark – just moments before.

Brick wall along the train tracks in Dircksenstrasse, Berlin Mitte. On the left a piece by El Bocho, on the right a pasteup by Senor Schnu with a smiling posicle sporting a moustache.

Paste-Uop by Senor Schnu with his typical moustached popsicle. Found in Dircksenstrasse, one of Berlin Mitte’s remaining places for brilliant street art. On the left is an old one by El Bocho, showing Little Lucy in the process of beheading a cat.

political poster on a construction site in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg sayying: Oh come on, China, surveillance is so 1984

Oh come on China, surveillance is so 1984.

Mural of the cartoon character Snoopy looking at a giant reflecting balloon.

The artist Fankapan almost always incorporates these silver balloons in his work, always remeinding me a bit of Jeff Koons, so in a way this is a double Hommage.

Paste-Up of a female face with the words Still falling written in her hair. Local artist El Bocho.

Hidden in a park in Berlin Mitte behind a grille we found this older piece by El Bocho, one of his larger female portraits, that always exude a sense of melancholy and being a bit lost. This one says “Still Falling…”

Psste-Up of a little girl (Little Lucy) pulling of the head of a cat by Berlin artist El Bocho.

A classic, Little Lucy beheading kitty. We still don’t know why Lucy hates the cat so much, but it must be something deep.

Graffiti of a parrott

Not sure if this actualy a piece by the “bird crew” or someone else, but I really like how expressive it is, even though all sentiment is created only very few lines.

Golden antropromorchic bears and dogs and blobs on a piece of Berlin Wall along the Mauerpark

I know, I should know this artists name but right now it escapes me.

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