The Street Art Berlin Bike Tour


Biking in Berlin’s lively streetart scene

Our “Streetart Berlin” Bike Tour is all about the lively Berlin arts scene beyond museums and galleries. Berlin has always been an artist’s Mecca for artists from all around the world. As a result, exciting alternative cultures have been born into public spaces, created by people with their own ideas about beauty and creativity.

A vacant lot or the side of a building can become an exhibition space. From classic street art to urban farming, many projects push and blur the boundaries between what is sanctioned and what is illegal.

How and where does art and creativity develop in Berlin? It’s all about atmosphere and lifestyle, creativity in a larger context, and influencing the urban environment. Where a guerrilla art sculpture stands today, the next luxury loft apartment could take its place tomorrow.

Discover on this “Streetart Berlin” Bike Tour the open-air art metropolis Berlin!

Special prices for school groups

Impressions of the “Streetart Berlin” bike tour

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Follow your own schedule and take Urban Art Tour as a private tour with your own berlin-on-bike-guide.