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Playlist Music Ride 2015

a man and a woman riding on the back of a bicycle

The musical bike tour to kick off the 2015 season

The full article to find Music Ride 2015 Your hie r

In response to popular requests, we have collected the songs as far as possible on YouTube and put them into a playlist. Here is the appropriate PDF – marked in yellow or crossed out at the bottom are the songs that were not available on YouTube.

1 U2 Mysterious Ways
2 Depeche Mode People Are People
3 David Bowie Heroes
4th Bing Crosby Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin
5 Hildegard Knef Love For Sale
6 Comedian Harmonists Veronika, der Lenz …
7 Weintraub Syncopators Up And At’em
8 Hildegard Knef Von nun an gings bergab
9 Hildegard Knef In dieser Stadt
10 Heidi Brühl Berlin
11 Heinz Kissling Drift
12 Gene Willams My Soul Is Black
13 GeorgeesButterflies Never Cry
14 Ingfried Hoffmann Thunderball
15 Memphis Black Why Dont You Play The Organ, Man
16 Horst Jankowski The Blues, The Beat And All That
17 Spliff Carbonara
18 Nina Hagen TV Glotzer
19 Ideal Berlin
20 PVC Berlin By Night
21 Ton,Steine,Scherben Rauch Haus Song
22 Ton,Steine,Scherben Keine Macht für Niemand
23 Ideal Erschiessen
24 Santigold Say Aha
25 Sun Ra Astro Black
26 Depeche Mode Useless
27 Bomb The Bass Bug Powder Dust
28 Count Basic Speechless
29 Jahcoozi Speckles Shine
30 Massive Attack Spying Glass
31 RJD2 Clean Living
32 Tanga Elektra Soulrider
33 Niko Schwind Grippin’ World
34 The Micronau What Else
35 Wolfg Lohr+Miss Natnat
36 Paul Kalkbrenner Altes Kamuffel
37 Sascha Funke Bravo
38 Niko Schwind Good midnight
39 Schäufler + Zovsky Synphony
40 Rainbow Arabia Boys and Diamonds
41 K-Paul Out of control
42 Florian Meindl Space bass
43 Hot Since 82 Let it ride
44 Lexy + K-Paul Like a bird
45 Bader, Brämer + Nicone Dantzeschön
46 monster That girl
47 Animal trainer Sunday
48 Nicone, Brämer + Narra Not the end
49 East + Kjex Mozambique traveler plan