Modern Berlin

A walk through a new center

A whole new Berlin has sprung up where once the Wall stood. Hardly any other part of Berlin has changed so drastically than the area between Potsdamer Platz and the Central Station.

It is here, at Europe’s largest intersection train station, that our tour of the new center begins. This controversial, scandal-rocked prestige project stands rather lonely on the northern banks of the Spree, as, very sowly, a new urban quarter begins to take shape in its shadow. Just across the way- already visible from the train platform- awaits the Government Quarter, with the new Chancellery and, what Kaiser Wilhelm referred to as the “Reichs monkey house” , the Reichstag.

We’ll tell you why you can peek right on to the Chancellor’s balcony from the Swiss Embassy even though everybody else has to peer behind security fences. Of course our tour includes a stroll through the Brandenburg Gate – the symbol both of Germany’s division and its unity. The site of Hitler’s self aggrandizing head-quarters, the Reichskanzlei, with the infamous “Führer Bunker”, is now strewn with the ubiquitous prefabricated apartment blocks as well as the gray granite maze of stones that form the Holocaust Memorial. Our tour ends at the Potsdamer Platz, once home to the world’s first traffic light, the Wall and Europe’s largest construction site, now a world of glittering steel and glass. This is where companies like Sony and Daimler have created monuments to themselves out of sky-scrapers.

In around 2 hours you’ll discover plenty of interesting and entertaining things about a part of town with a dynamic and sometimes curios history, as well as an exciting present.

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