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The Berlin Wall & Cold War - Walking Tour

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A Street that made history – Walking along Bernauer Strasse

Experience 30 years of German history. That’s how long the Wall cut through Berlin, separating neighbourhoods and families. Our city tour starts at Nordbahnhof, one of the former ghost stations abandoned after the Wall was built. Here, heavily armed soldiers made sure that no one escaped via the S-Bahn trains that were passing through.

Bernauer Strasse was a focal point in the history of Berlin’s division. Hardly any other section of the Wall has seen as much action as this one. Today, the street is the site of the “Berlin Wall Memorial” that stretches over almost 1.5 km and includes the only remaining part of the former death strip still intact, replete with an original guard tower and a visitors centre. Here you can experience first-hand how the so-called “anti-fascist wall” divided the heart of Berlin.

A city tour with Berlin on Bike is not just about statistics, but above all about human stories. What happened to the residents who jumped out of their windows in Bernauer Strasse into another country? What can go wrong when digging a tunnel to get to another country just across the street? What is the difference between heroes and murderers and how did the the various sides perceive these things? We will follow the former border to Mauerpark, where the Wall strip was widened incrementally until as late as the 1980s, and where today visitors and locals enjoy themselves at Sunday karaoke. From here you can catch a train at the Eberswalder Straße subway station, taking you to the nearby sights in the city centre.

Of course we also offer a Berlin Wall bike tour.

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