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Kreuzberg Walk along the Spree

Athens on the Spree is sometimes used to describe Berlin. Untill 1989, the Spree between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg was hardly the place to look for fun and relaxation, rather a part of the iron curtain that divided two systems. Heavily fortified with well armed soldiers and watch towers facing towards the”class enemy”. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, busloads of curious onlookers waited there turn to have a chilling look into the empire of evil.

After the fall of the wall, artists came here in droves to paint the 1.5km stretch of the Wall, now known as the East Side Gallery, with world famous works of art. The paintings portraying a kissing Brezhnev, or the Trabant , the legendary East German automobile, crashing through the Wall are among the most famous.

Clubs and beach bars sprang up on the waste land along the border as Berliners began taking over the banks of the Spree. Today there are several factors threatening this alternative way of life that has helped to give Berlin a name in the international scene. Investors have also discovered the advantages of the waterfront and have begun building arenas, offices and luxury apartments.


Next dates and booking for “Media Spree Kreuzberg”

Follow your own schedule and take Media Spree Kreuzberg as a private tour with your own berlin-on-bike-guide.

How to find Berlin on Bike

All of our tours begin at the “Kulturbrauerei” in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district. The painstakingly restored brewery complex is the ideal place to test out your bike before the tour. A variety of restaurants and beer gardens just around the corner offer the perfect way to relax and reflect after a fabulous tour. The easiest way to enter the brewery is on the Knaackstraße 97, just beyond the intersection with the Danziger Straße . After that you just follow the yellow “Berlin on Bike” signs.

Directions from Eberswalder Straße metro station

  • take the exit marked:”Danziger Straße”
  • head toward the street that leads away from the elevated train tracks to the left. Cross over to the right hand side of the street.
  • after 150 meters you’ll reach the Knaackstraße, turn right. After 30 meters turn left through a large archway.
  • follow the yellow “Berlin on Bike” signs
Several tram lines also stop here and the circle line is just around the corner. To find the best way to get here by public transportation, use the link to the BVG planer (?)

Additional meeting point at Eberswalder Straße metro station

10 minutes before the tour begins, you’ll find one of our guides in a brightly colored orange vest and a yellow “Berlin on Bike” sign at the entrance to the Eberswalder Straße metro station, directly under the tracks, who can point you the way to the “Kulturbrauerei”. Download and print out the map (PDF, 1MB) In case you are running late please call us at this number +49 30 4373 9999

Meeting Point Canoe Tours

Our canoetours don't start at Kulturbrauerei but at Kanuliebe on the Insel der Jugend. To make it easier to find us there we have a PDF with directions to download and print (391 Kb).

Tickets for the public transportation network

A single fare ticket costs 2.40€ (!). a better alternative and generally less expensive is the day pass (tageskarte) (6.50€ AB), or the Berlin Welcome Card (e.g. 18.50€ for 48 hours) with which you not only receive a 3.50€ rebate at Berlin on Bike, but a whole host of rebates at a variety of Berlin locations. You can transport your bike in the metro as well, a bicycle ticket costs 1.60€. You can buy tickets either at the automated ticket machines at the station or at any number of ticketing locations.