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Kreuzberg Walk along the Spree

Athens on the Spree is sometimes used to describe Berlin. Untill 1989, the Spree between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg was hardly the place to look for fun and relaxation, rather a part of the iron curtain that divided two systems. Heavily fortified with well armed soldiers and watch towers facing towards the”class enemy”. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, busloads of curious onlookers waited there turn to have a chilling look into the empire of evil.

After the fall of the wall, artists came here in droves to paint the 1.5km stretch of the Wall, now known as the East Side Gallery, with world famous works of art. The paintings portraying a kissing Brezhnev, or the Trabant , the legendary East German automobile, crashing through the Wall are among the most famous.

Clubs and beach bars sprang up on the waste land along the border as Berliners began taking over the banks of the Spree. Today there are several factors threatening this alternative way of life that has helped to give Berlin a name in the international scene. Investors have also discovered the advantages of the waterfront and have begun building arenas, offices and luxury apartments.


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