The best job in the world (possibly) – new guides wanted for 2018!

[UPDATE] For now, we have enough guides to fill our schedules and training has already started. Nonetheless, you may apply during the season if you have relevant experience. If not, you can still apply, but we will probably not be able to offer you anything for 2018 season.

Imagine this: You’ll be cycling through the most amazing city there is (occasionally even in sunshine), meet wonderful new people every day, work together with some of the most awesomest colleagues ever, get standing ovations on a regular basis – and we’ll even pay you for it.  

Sounds too good to be true? Well, of course there are a few conditions. You should:

  • Live in Berlin, preferably not just since last year
  • Have a broad and fundamental knowledge about the city and its history (based not solely on Wikipedia)
  • Be a sociable person who is able and loves to speak freely in front of an audience
  • Know how to fix a flat tire
  • Be willing to learn a few new tricks
  • And speak one or more of the following languages on a native speaker’s level:
    • German
    • Dutch
    • French

Still with us? Send a mail with your CV to


One Response to “The best job in the world (possibly) – new guides wanted for 2018!”

  1. Wollo

    Hallo zusammen. Hab es geschafft unsere seite mit dem i Päd. Aufzumachen und endlich mal ein paar Sachen im Blog gelesen. Sehr gut. Was die Guide Suche betrifft. Suchen wir ,keine deutschen Guides ? Oder bin ich nur auf die englische Version gestoßen. Hab ja noch nie mit einem mobilen Gerät eine Internetseite aufgerufen. Bestimmt stelle ich mich doof an. Musste mir noch einen zweiten Schlafsack kaufen. Nachts ist es sackst. Tagsüber gehts….



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