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Cycle-Cities Partner: London Bicycle


For over a year now  Berlin on Bike is a proud member of a worldwide network of tour companies who offer guided bike tours in appr. 30 of the most beautiful and exciting locations on the planet. Starting today we will introduce a few of these partners from time to time.  It’s only natural that we start with the guys who started this network:

The London Bicycle Tour Company

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Anyone who’s tried it knows that the humble bicycle is the best way to explore a new city. Covering more ground than walking, reaching nooks and crannies no car can enter and far more spacious and scenic than the underground, cycling wins hands down as a tourist mode of transport.

But 21 years ago, before Robert Graham founded The London Bicycle Tour Company, touring the city by bike was not an option. Hard to believe now in this cycle-centric culture, but London Bicycle led the first ever London bike tour all those years ago, and have continued to lead many more since! Outlasting many a competitor they have provided over 100,000 contented customers with the joyful and exhilarating experience of seeing London from the comfort of a LBTC saddle.

It is the range and quality of tours available that makes The London Cycling Tour Company so unique and successful. Whatever side of London you wish to see, LBTC has it covered.

If you want to tick off all the must-see London landmarks in quick succession, the Central Tour is the one for you. Or for the culture vultures among us The West End Tour will deliver the goods, taking you through the depths of theatre-land, past the street-performers of Covent Garden and amongst the quirky alleys of bustling Soho.  You can follow in the footsteps of the world’s sporting greats and relive the excitement of London 2012 on the Olympic Tour. Or to glimpse some lesser known but no less interesting parts of London the East Tour is not to be missed, passing many historic sights with their own intriguing tales to tell. In order to truly experience the ‘bright lights’ of London this city needs to be seen after dark, which the Night Tour delivers (along with plenty of opportunities to sample the nightlife!). For longer tours that cover more ground and test your legs you should check out the range of full day (or more!) tours available too.


In its 21 years of existance the London Bicycle Tour Company has come to do far more than what it says on the tin. In addition to the 9 unique bike tours available in 7 different languages, LBTC now has 3 bike hire locations offering competetive prices for those wanting to stride out on their own, as well as a repair shop with over 15 years experience of providing bike maintenance, spare parts and bike-building services to bike owners and renters alike.

[This article was written by Jessica Monson of LBTC, so if there’s something wrong with it, it is entirely her fault.]  😀

[ Make sure to get a voucher when you do a tour with any of the participating companies, you’ll pay 20% less the next time you do a tour]

And for all the Londoners (and of course all other enthusiastic cyclists;-)) who should ever come to Berlin, so we would be very happy if we could welcome you once on one of our tours at Berlin on Bike.

Ride safe!