About Berlin on Bike

How it all started

It all began with some visitors from New Zealand. We wanted to show our friends the city, so of course we organized bicycles for them and took them around by bike. Our friends from New Zeeland were thrilled. After a week we had the feeling that other visitors to Berlin didn’t have the chance to experience the city in such an exciting and unique way as our friends had. The idea for Berlin on Bike was born. 
With a little luck, we were able to find our home base at “Kulturbrauerei”. Here we have all the space we need for our 500 bikes and we are close to all the important historic and cultural sites and attractions.

Our office staff has grown to a handful of permanent employees who take care of the needs of our guests and the general organization of our tours. They also are responsible for the coordination and continuing training of our more than 60 multilingual guides. We also owe much thanks to the our on-site repair and maintenance crew who make sure our bikes stay in tip-top condition from day to day with lots of skill and a little imagination.


Nowadays our bike groups with the eye catching yellow signs fixed to their baskets are a regular part of the city’s scenery. Many companies and institutions have already discovered what an extra special experience a bike tour with Berlin on Bike can be. Companies like Axa, Volkswagen, Astra Zeneca and even the Federal Government were blown away by our tours.


We love it when journalists report on what we do here at Berlin on Bike. Just get in touch with us and we’ll reserve a spot for members of the press on one of our tours, free of charge. You’ll also find prepared photo material as well as texts of varying length here or simply get in touch via e-mail or phone.