Bike tour “Wall Eyewitness”

DDR and the fall of the Berlin Wall up close and personal:

2014 now marks 25 years since the Berlin Wall fell. For many this has become a dusty historical event. Many official events with famous people and their personal histories have become more academic affairs. We are taking a different approach. We want to put people’s personal experiences in the foreground. Many of our guides were and still are a part of the history of the fall of the Wall in 1989. Whether they were smuggled past the crumbling iron curtain in their parent’s cars or got their passports stamped invalid on the 9th of November 1989 on the border at Bösebrücke or whether they gave up on the East German State years before the fall of the Wall, they are all eye witnesses and have their own rousing stories with a very personal touch.
Just like our “normal” Wall Tour we ride along 12 kms of the inner city stretch where the Berlin Wall stood. This goes from the “place where the Wall fell”, the former border crossing at Bornholmer Strasse, right up to the Government District. We experience absurd, funny and very human details about daily life in the East and about living with the border between East and West. Come along on a tour of discovery with one of our eye-witnesses into the fallen State of East Germany and life in the divided city of Berlin. For those who would rather take the tour at walking pace, we offer our Eye Witness Tour as a walking tour, just ask!

For a taste of our Eyewitness Tour take a look at this report german press agency dpa did for the foreign ministry


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