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1. Our Tours

Where do the tours start from?

The tours start and end at our bike depot in the district called Prenzlauer Berg. You find us in an old brick stone industrial complex close to subway station (U-Bahn) Eberswalder Straße.

Coming from Alexanderplatz take metro line “U2” (red line) in the direction “Pankow”. Get off at station “Eberswalder Straße” and make sure to leave the station at the end of the train. From there it is just a three minute walk to our bike depot in the Kulturbrauerei.

For directions to our bike depot, you can also print out this PDF Map. Or you could use www.bvg.de if you want to know how to to get to our place by public transport.

How do I book?

Reservations can be made by using our booking calendar (top right), via telephone +49 30 43 73 99 99 or by sending an email to: contact@berlinonbike.de

Do I need to reserve or can I turn up spontanously?

We recommend you make a reservation for the tour you wish to take as our group size is limited to around 15 participants. If more than 15 people book for a tour, we then have the opportunity to organize an additional group and guide.

Do I need to bring my own bike?

It is possible to rent a bike for the tour. Your are also welcome to bring your own bike. If you bring you own bike, you pay 5 Euro less independent of which tour you take.

How long does a bike tour last?/ Do you take breaks?

Our regular tours last approximately three and a half hours and are about 15 till 18 km long.

The guides will stop at important points and offer you entertaining stories and historical information plus giving you info about the city life today. We can stop for a coffee or a snack during the tour but we do not take a longer lunch break so you can see as much of Berlin as possible.

How many people take part in a tour?

We have a minimum number of 4 participants and a maximum number of 15 participants. It is important for us that our tours are always conducted with a personal touch, i. e. if the group gets too large we will split the group at the meeting point into smaller groups and organize additional guides. As the group size is limited, we recommend you make a reservation for the tour you wish to take.

Is the bike tour easy for everyone?

The tours are only about 15 till 18 kilometers long and take about 3,5 hours. We ride at a gentle pace with enough time for taking photos. Berlin is a flat city. So as long as you know how to ride a bike, anyone of any fitness level can handle the whole ride without getting too tired.

When should I be at the meeting point?

We recommend to arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes before the tour is due to start, so you have enough time to pick a bike and we can leave on time.

What if it is bad weather on the day of the tour?

The tours can be done in all weather conditions. If there is rain in Berlin, it usually doesn´t rain for a long time. For tours in patchy weather we provide rain capes and gloves at no extra cost or we go for a coffee till the rain stops. If there is heavy and constant rain, you can cancel the tour 1.5 hour prior to your tour via telephone without any fee.

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2. The Payment

How does it work with the payment?

Payment up-front is not necessary, you can just pay cash on arrival. Please note that we do not accept credit or debit cards.

Do you offer discounts with the BerlinWelcomeCard/ Berlin City Tour Card or for kids?

Yes, with the Berlin Welcome Card and with the City Tour Card you get a discount on the full price of our open tours. With the mentioned cards the following reductions apply:

Tour price 21 Euro /reduced for kids and students 18 Euro:  Welcome Card Price: 17 Euro

Tour price 25 Euro /reduced for kids and students 22 Euro:  Welcome Card Price: 20 Euro

Tour price 29 Euro /reduced for kids and students 25 Euro:  Welcome Card Price: 23 Euro

These prices already include the rental bike for the tour. With own bike 5 Euro less. Please note that discounts with the WelcomeCard and City Tour Card are only valid on our open to the public tours, not on private tours.

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3. The Safety

Is the bike tour safe?

Berlin is very bike-friendly so that riding a bike is surprisingly safe and pleasant in the city. We choose our routes carefully and mostly ride on bike paths or less-travelled routes. Only half of Berlin’s households own a car, the other half is travelling either by bike or public transport. Therefore drivers are used to sharing the streets with cyclists. On all our tours we optionally provide helmets. Nevertheless it is important that participants abide by traffic rules and follow the instructions of our guides.

Do I have to wear a helmet during the tour?

No, the law in Germany does not require you to wear a helmet. But we can provide free helmets, also for larger groups, if you feel safer with a helmet.

Are the tours suitable for kids/ Is there any age restriction to join the tour?

If the kids are competent cyclists and comfortable with some riding alongside traffic, it is no problem to join a tour. For younger kids we can offer you different sizes of children’s bikes, trailer bikes, trailers or bikes with child seats. Please reserve these in advance. Adults are responsible for children and their safety at all times.

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4. Our Bikes

Is it possible to leave my luggage at your place during the tour?

All bikes are equipped with a basket for your light luggage but it is also possible to store luggage in our office during the tour. We will look after your stuff but do not take responsibility for it.

Do I need to reserve for bike rental?

You do not need to make a reservation to rent bikes, you can just come by our bike depot. We recommend a reservation if you want to rent a lot of bikes, a trailer bike, a bike with a child seat or a trailer.

Do you sell second hand bikes?

We sell second hand bikes during the winter. Please contact us if you are interested in buying a second-hand bike.

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5. General Requests

What are your opening hours?

From mid of March till beginning of November we are open daily from 9 am till 8 pm (also on Saturdays & Sundays).

During the winter we are open from 10 am till 4 pm (Monday till Friday).

What if my question is not answered here?

Please contact us: Contact Form.

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