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Street Art and beach feeling in the city west

After taking over an old car workshop that has been scheduled for demolition the troupe behind Wandelism was looking for something a litte bit more permanent. One big difference of Wandelism compared to The Haus, was that it was much more accessible and down-to-earth. From the beginning they were looking to create a space where people actually want to spend time and not only look at art and leave again. Luckily Berlin is a town in which big dreams are routinely shattered, leaving behind empty houses or as in this case, a rather large piece of land just behind Zoo Station – in a decidedly unhip part of town. I wonder how many expats finally had to make their 1st trip to Charlottenburg only to realize it is not at the ass-end of Berlin but still very much the city Center. Be that as it may. Hometown Berlin is located just behind the bus Depot, between the Train tracks and TU-Berlin. A few years ago there were big plans to build a giant London-eye-style ferris wheel or a tower with luxury appartments and what have you. Right now it’s still unclear if all the work people put into building structures like a bar and a stage, not to forget all the amazing street art that covers almost every surface, will be for nought at the end of summer or if hometown can stay in 2019 as well. So, if you want to be sure to not miss it, you should go while it lasts.

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