Historical Berlin Tour

800 years of history from the first Slavic settlement to today.

The story of Berlin begins as a twin city in the swampy Spree River Valley. From it’s humble beginnings, Berlin advances to baroque greatness as the 18th century seat of the royal court of the kings of Prussia. Explore 800 years of thrilling history, and follow Berlin’s journey from a Slavic fishing village to a cosmopolitan world capital.

Like few other cities, Berlin has gone through some radical changes. Entire swaths of the city were destroyed, and new developments were built in their place. The traces of these transformations are still visible all throughout the city. Although much of it is neither original nor authentic, it’s the contrast between historical and modern that makes Berlin such a fascinating place.

We begin our tour at Alexanderplatz. This is where the GDR built its “new socialist utopia” for a “new socialist people”. They finished the work of the British and American bombers and leveled the remnants of the imperialist past to replace it with the socialist vision of the future. We move on from there to the Red City Hall and the Nikolai Quarter, which was rebuilt in the 1980’s in an unusual act of cooperation between east and west.

From there we walk through the Lustgarten with Berlins cathedral and Museums Island and continue down Berlin’s grand avenue, Unter den Linden. Here we see the baroque splendor of the Prussian era and hear stories of neglected wives, party princes and you even find out how the potato became to be so very important in Germany.

Finally we see “Germany’s most beautiful square” , the Gendamenmarkt and, of course, berlins only remaining historical entry portal: the Brandenburger Gate.

Enjoy this fantastic 2 hour, informative and entertaining tour of Berlin’s historical center!

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