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Guided Bike Tours

Bicycle Tours through Berlin - Environmentally Friendly City Tours

There are many ways to explore the sights of Berlin, including by boat, on foot or in tourist busses. Yet each of these forms is limited: the boat, for example, only shows you life on the banks of the canals and rivers, walking means your radius can be limited, and tour busses stick to the main routes and sites of the city.

A bicycle tour guided by locals is different. There are less limits on what you can see, and it is an ideal way to explore the vastness of Berlin, experience its colours and sounds and smells, with the wind in your face, your senses alive. You can experience the path of the Berlin Wall, then still make it to the tourist highlights at the centre of the city and beyond, to discover Berlin’s alternative and more hidden places.

Berlin is a cycling city. The landscape is flat, traffic is adapted to cyclists, and the network of cycling paths is constantly being expanded.

We will take you behind the scenes of the city, to the courtyards and backstreets of Berlin’s many neighbourhoods, and on our tours there is always time to take beautiful photographs.

Berlin on Bike is an environmentally friendly, healthy way to explore Germany’s capital, that will leave you with treasured memories.