The Berlin Canoe Tour – Winds of Change


Canoeing on the Spree in Berlin – canoe tour

Berlin is not only one of the greenest cities in Europe, it’s got lots of water too! Two larger and several smaller rivers, many lakes and endless canals all flow through the city, traversed by more than 2000 bridges. Get ready for a change of pace, boating on the Spree in Treptow.

The starting point is just a few kilometers away from Alexanderplatz, the Insel der Jugend, is accessible by a narrow pedestrian bridge. From here we board the easily maneuverable, 3-person canoes and begin our tour.

100 years ago, the waterways of the city were the bloodstream of the breath-taking growth of Wilhelminian Berlin (the height of the Industrial Era). During this time all kinds of industries utilized and settled along the banks of the city’s many waterways. In GDR days (East Germany), the only amusement park stood on the banks of the Spree. The ruins of the Spreepark can still be seen as the giant Ferris wheel towers over the river. We’ll also see a former East German prison, the broadcasting complex of communist Germany and a cemetery on the water.

Your safety is guaranteed by our well-trained guides. The tour begins with an extensive practice session, safety vests are available upon request.

Impressions of the “Winds of Change” canoe tour



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