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Here we write about some of the amazing things that are happening in Berlin any given day - if we find the time. The articles you'll find here, don't neccessarily have anything to do with bike tours in Berlin, but they're all definitely about our beloved home town. If you're new here you might enjoy browsing our top-categories featured below or the tag-cloud on the right. 

Most articles are still in German, although we're posting more and more in English, and the photos are worth it regardless. If you're interested in writing for us, send a mail to with your idea. 

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Artspin 2018: free bikes and ride sharing

Preview for ARTSPIN BERLIN Facebook-Event Art Spin 2018 After we had to manage 2017 without our favorite bike-related event, we are looking forward to the next tour on July 14th. If you don’t know what ArtSpin is, our (German) blog posts about ArtSpin 2015 and 2016 will give you a good first impression what it’s weiter…

Berlin events June 15th – 17th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend If you haven’t noticed there’s a football world-cup going on right now, you either haven’t been online  for the last days, or you have the enviable ability to selectively tune out anything related to that game. Anyway, if you are interested and want to watch in a big crowd, Tagesspiegel weiter…

Berlin June 8th – 10th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend We are looking at another scorching hot weekend in the city and while a lot of you will just try to find a lake that hasn’t got a million bbq-ing teenagers at its shores some of you might still enjoy the occassional cultural input – preferably in a place with weiter…

Berlin events May 25th-27th

Tips for your Berlin weekend After an exciting and rather busy weekend involving our special tours for Berlin Mural Fest and a  bike tour from Berlin to Potsdam with 300 cyclists it feels a bit strange to not be involved in anything this weekend. Especially because last year we did tours for art.spring which is starting again on weiter…

Radtour Berlin Potsdam mit Spreeradio

Spreeradio präsentiert: Jochen Trus‘ Pfingstradtour 2018 Am Pfingstmontag waren wir bereits zum dritten Mal im Auftrag und mit Spreeradio bzw. deren Moderator Jochen Trus unterwegs. Zunächst einmal möchte ich mich im Namen von Berlin on Bike und Spreeradio bei allen Teilnehmern und Jochen selbst für dieses wunderbare Event bedanken. Es hat riesigen Spaß gemacht und weiter…

Berlin events May 18th-20th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend Well, this weekend is packed with some huuge events, that encompass nearly the whole city. First off, there is Berlin Mural Fest, the biggest streetart festival in the last decade at least. More than a dozen giant murals have been completed in the last days, and the whole weekend is dedicated to weiter…

Berlin events May 11th-13th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend It looks like the summer takes a short break on Saturday after spoiling us for for two straight weeks. But fear not, it’ll be back on Sunday for a whole lot of cycling related events. For one there is Berlin’s fastest sightseeing tour; the Berlin Velothon. Amateurs and some pros weiter…

Berlin Mural Fest Bike Tours

[Deutscher Text unten] Street Art writ large – exclusive bike tours  On May 19th and 20th  Berlin houses a giant mural party, the Berlin Mural Fest. More than a dozen local and international artists will have designed fresh murals all over town in the days before and unveil their work to the public. The people behind this weiter…

Berlin events April 13th-15th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend After Berliner Fahrradschau last month wasn’t entirely able to convince everyone they are still the best bike trade show in town, this weekend Velo Berlin is taking over some hangars at Tempelhof. In the past their event has been a bit stuffy and just not really cool. This year promises weiter…

Spooning Cookie Dough – Keksteig zum Löffeln

Vergiss Deine Diät … bzw. „Forget Your Diet“ lautet das Motto, des im vergangenen Jahr bei uns im Kiez eröffneten Ladens für Keksteig und tatsächlich empfiehlt es sich trotz Ökoprodukten und veganer Versionen sämtliche Gedanken an gesunde Ernährung zu Hause zu lassen, bevor man in die Kollwitzstraße pilgert. Auf den ersten Blick sieht Spooning aus weiter…