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Here we write about some of the amazing things that are happening in Berlin any given day - if we find the time. The articles you'll find here, don't neccessarily have anything to do with bike tours in Berlin, but they're all definitely about our beloved home town. If you're new here you might enjoy browsing our top-categories featured below or the tag-cloud on the right. 

Most articles are still in German, although we're posting more and more in English, and the photos are worth it regardless. If you're interested in writing for us, send a mail to with your idea. 

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Berlin events April 13th-15th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend After Berliner Fahrradschau last month wasn’t entirely able to convince everyone they are still the best bike trade show in town, this weekend Velo Berlin is taking over some hangars at Tempelhof. In the past their event has been a bit stuffy and just not really cool. This year promises weiter…

Spooning Cookie Dough – Keksteig zum Löffeln

Vergiss Deine Diät … bzw. „Forget Your Diet“ lautet das Motto, des im vergangenen Jahr bei uns im Kiez eröffneten Ladens für Keksteig und tatsächlich empfiehlt es sich trotz Ökoprodukten und veganer Versionen sämtliche Gedanken an gesunde Ernährung zu Hause zu lassen, bevor man in die Kollwitzstraße pilgert. Auf den ersten Blick sieht Spooning aus weiter…

Street Art appetizers, Berlin March 2018

Cyberpunk piece by Czarnobyl in a backyard on Reichenberger Strasse.

New art from the streets of Berlin It’s quite amazing to watch how ubiquitous streetart has become in Berlin. Nowadays you find commissioned murals all over town in places you wouldn’t expect anything more than highly utilitarian commercial boxes, or on walls that neither have a smooth background nor many pedestrians to actually see it. weiter…

Berlin events April 6th -8th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend Yes, yes, yes and once more: YES! Winter is finally over and this weekend beckons us with temperatures around 20°C to finally get out, ride and chill by the canals and in the parks.  As I wrote elsewhere it’s easy to love Berlin in the summer, but to really be weiter…

Berlin events Easter 2018

Tipps for your extra-long Easter-weekend in Berlin We hope all of you can properly enjoy a couple of days off, if you have to work, be assured of our eternal thanks. The weather looks halfway promising, so we will probably be hustling all weekend to show you guys our version of Berlin on one of weiter…


Temporary Street Art Gallery in Berlin After last’s year incredible success of „The Haus“ were people were waiting for 5 hours and more to get in, for the past two weeks, Berlin’s streetart scene took over an old car workshop in the centre of Wilmersdorf, scheduled for demolition. Wandelism is a short term project that weiter…

Berliner Fahrradschau 2018

BFS in der Station Berlin Nachdem im vergangenen Jahr einige Unruhe und Unsicherheit rund um die Berliner Fahrradschau herrschte – bis hin zum Gerücht, dass sie überhaupt nicht stattfindet, läuft an diesem März-Wochenende die nun schon neunte Ausgabe der Lifestyle Fahrradmesse in der Station Berlin am Gleisdreieck. Im Gegensatz zu den vergangenen Jahren, haben wir weiter…

The Berlin Cathedral

Oh Jesus, that's the lord right there.

The emperor’s church The Berlin cathedral („Berliner Dom“ in German) is Germany’s largest protestant church although you couldn’t tell by just looking at it. Visitors often mistake it for a catholic place of worship due to the overabundance of decorative elements. The other common misconception considers its age. On our Sightseeing tours, like Berlin’s Best weiter…

Berlin events March 23rd – 25th

Steampunk spyglass on top of Berliner Dom.

Tipps for your Berlin weekend You wouldn’t believe it, looking  out your window but spring is definitely and that not only means that we picked up our regular schedule of bike tours again, but it means the first of two majour cycling related trade shows is upon us. Starting Friday evening Berliner Fahrradschau brings you weiter…

Berlin events March 9th – 11th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend Party in Berlin It feels like it’s finally ok again to suggest outdoor activities to you, so why not start your Saturday night clubbing with a bit of Vorglühen at Klunkerkranich with Philip Kroth, Nowhere People and Daniele di Martino – and a wonderful view of nighttime Berlin. If you weiter…