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Here we write about some of the amazing things that are happening in Berlin any given day - if we find the time. The articles you'll find here, don't neccessarily have anything to do with bike tours in Berlin, but they're all definitely about our beloved home town. If you're new here you might enjoy browsing our top-categories featured below or the tag-cloud on the right. 

Most articles are still in German, although we're posting more and more in English, and the photos are worth it regardless. If you're interested in writing for us, send a mail to with your idea. 

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Berlin events October 12th-14th

Tips for your Berlin weekend Berlin’s City Center and its landmarks are still in the grip of the Illuminators (not to be mistaken with the illuminati) Berlin Leuchtet and Festival of Lights. There are a number of options to enjoy both festivals on a bike. First and foremost of coursethere are our own lightseeing tours, where weiter…

Spy Museum – Deutsches Spionagemuseum

Diver's mask and rebreathing apparatus at the Spy Museum in Berlin

The Capital of Spooks tl;dr: A well designed private museum with lots of things to actively try out that is definetely worth the entrance. Located at Potsdamer Platz – or Leipziger Platz to be precise – a few years ago a new, privately funded museum about spycraft opened its doors. We were invited for a chat with weiter…

Berlin events Oct. 5th – 7th

Tips for your Berlin weekend Last weekend Berlin leuchtet (Berlin’s glowing) started to illuminate a number of major landmarks, this weeks Festival of Light’s official opening adds some more. To see all the best illuminations on one tour, you just need to join our inofficial „lightseeing“ bike tours. On Sunday we offer another highlight, the weiter…

Berlin events Sept. 28-30th

Your weekend tipps for Berlin The first of two illumination festival starts this weekend, Berlin leuchtet, and we are offering special versions of our (German) nightseeing tours, turning it into Lightseeing – and that is def. enough with the stupid wordplay. We’re pretty sure, this months Critical Mass will ride along many of the illuminations as weiter…

Berlin Events Sept. 21st-23rd

Tipps for your Berlin Weekend First of all, we have to say sorry for missing the last couple of weekends. The last weeks have been kind of crazy, filled with very demanding clients and a number of unplanned-for projects that took up all our capacities. But, summer is finally over, so it should be a weiter…



Rund um Jüterborg Bei Berlin on Bike arbeiten nahezu ausschließlich Radfahrer aus Leidenschaft, was bedeutet, dass wir es geschafft haben eine der schönsten Nebensachen der Welt zu einem Teil unseres Berufs zu machen. Leider bedeutet das aber auch, dass wir in der schönsten Radfahrerzeit nur selten dazu kommen, selber auf Expedition zu gehen und uns weiter…

Hometown Berlin

Street Art and beach feeling in the city west After taking over an old car workshop that has been scheduled for demolition the troupe behind Wandelism was looking for something a litte bit more permanent. One big difference of Wandelism compared to The Haus, was that it was much more accessible and down-to-earth. From the weiter…

Radtour Neustrelitz – Templin

Brandenburg-Ausflug (und ein bisschen Meck-Pomm) Leider schaffen wir es während der Saison viel zu selten, uns selbst mal aufs Rad zu setzen und unser schönes Umland zu erkunden. Vor kurzem hat sich jedoch die Gelegenheit ergeben unseren Häuptling im Brandenburgischen abzuholen und dabei das Angenehme mit dem Nützlichen zu verbinden. Gestartet sind wir in Neustrelitz, weiter…

Berlin events Aug 24th-26th

Tips for your Berlin weekend This weekend is super-packed with special events that let you take a look behind normally closed doors. Especially the „Lange Nacht der Museen“ (~Long night of museums) is highly anticipated. For just 18€ you gain entrance to 80 museums that are organizing more than 800 events. The whole things lasts weiter…

Berlin events Aug 17th – 19th

Your Berlin Weekend   Party in Berlin Sometimes you can still tell that Thabo Getsome used to be part of the HipHop community. His house-sets and releases feature deep rythms that change all the time. Together with Makam and Madana he’ll rock the house at Prince Charles, this Friday. At Festsaal Kreuzberg on the other weiter…