Berlin events October 20th – 22nd

Your Berlin events this weekend

TTT-xxsanierung-staatsoper-baustellenfuehrung-4913 [Some last words in German] In den vergangenen Monaten und Jahren hat sich der Anteil ausländischer Gäste bei Berlin on Bike stetig erhöht. Im Netz und den Sozialen Medien sind inzwischen mehr als 50% nicht aus Deutschland. Aus diesem Grund werden wir nach und nach unsere Kommunikation umstellen und vermehrt auf Englisch schreiben. Uns ist bewußt, dass von unseren deutschsprachigen Followern nicht jeder so gut Englisch spricht, aber es dürfte mehr Deutsche geben, die des Englischen mächtig sind, als beispielsweise Franzosen oder Brasilianer, die gut genug Deutsch sprechen. Bei allen, die sich dadurch irgendwie ausgeschlossen fühlen (Herr Spahn?) möchten wir uns entschuldigen, aber der Arbeitsaufwand einen zweisprachigen Blog zu betreiben ist für uns als mittelständisches Unternehmen einfach nicht leistbar. wir freuen uns trotzdem auf Euer Feedback, lasst uns wissen wie Ihr das seht.


[And now let’s start in English]

Creating these event-lists is always a bit of a gamble, last week for example, we struggled to even find enough worthy shenanigans to share with you, and this week the hardest part was deciding, what to leave out. So here, comes our first English edition of our weekend guide, updated every Friday afternoon.

Party in Berlin

  • On Friday the labels Mannequin and Pan take over Berghain including the new dancefloor ‚Säule‘. While mannequin’s Pan Daijing and JASSS approach is a bit rough and industrial, Bill Kouligas of Pan stands for happier tunes. We expect an eclectic night of 1s class techno.
  • Legendary Ninja Tunes founders Coldcut aka Matt Black and Jonathan More themselves take to the stage of Gretchen for their 30th anniversary tour. 30 Years Coldcut, Friday.
  • Bermudan Singer-Songwriter Heather Nova plays Columbiahalle on Saturday with her soulful pop-songs.
  • Soul Explosion at Bassy brings you all the joy of funky vinyl from the 60s and 70s, strictly analogue and almost impossible to not dance to.
  • Tickets for Nick Cave’s concert on Sunday have been sold out after hours only, but in Berlin, there’s always someone selling a ticket in front of the venue, so we still include him here. Good luck.
  • If you’re looking for glitter and hedonism you might want to consider paying Loftus Hall a visit on Friday for their From Disco to Disco Vol. 2. Strictly house music.

Arty in Berlin

  • Linie 1 by Volker Ludwig is a musical about young love across borders and was an integral part of growing up in West-Berlin, almost everyone born here in the 70s and 80s is still able to sing along.  On Sunday you can finally enjoy a sub-titled version of this absolute cult-classic at GRIPS Theater.
  • We have absolutely no idea what to expect at „If I Do Not Return„, but a new interpretation of 17th century composer John Dowland combined with visual arts, sounds promising. If anyone goes, please let us know how it turned out.
  • Babylon Mitte has a midnight Silent Movie screening of the 1929 soviet movie Nowi Wawilon (New Babylon, fitting, isn’t it?). Anna Vavilkina plays Germany’s only active cinema organ. If you haven’t been yet, this is definetily one of the things you should go to, it’s pretty awesome and absolutely unique. And the best: no entrance fee!
  • Unverblümt Cultural expiditions are a great way to discover Wedding’s burgeoning art scene. You walk around with a group of people to different galleries and studios, there is food and drinks, music and you’re sure to discover stuff you would otherwise definitely miss. No entrance fee!

Other stuff in Berlin

  • 1973’s Dark Side of the Moon is a) Pink Floyd’s most successful album, b) the ultimate stoner music and c) the perfect backdrop for a 360° visual experience at Wilhelm-Foerster-Planetarium.
  • These days Georgia seems to be on everyone’s mind, at least the one in Eastern Europe. Markthalle IX’s Georgien Spezial explores mainly the impressively diverse culinary side of the country, with cheese, herbs and wine and supplements this with cooking courses and tastings.
  • Wild at Heart in Kreuzbergs Wiener Straße is a central hub for Berlin’s rockabilly-scene. On Sunday they hold a Rock-a-Billy and Punk fleamarket. A good opportunity to close some holes in your vinyl-collection or to add some quirky other collectibles to your home.


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